Amazon Echo Dot 2018 Release Date, Price & Features

November 15, 2018

Got caught up in the midst of searching the best voice-controlled speaker? Buy Amazon Echo Dot featuring voice recognition facility with informative weather updates, podcast streaming, real-time information, audio playback and some explicitly interesting services that you were looking for.

What Is Echo Dot

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker, with Alexa voice-controlled AI service that helps you tune in to your favorite song with automatic volume enhance. The virtual assistance provided in Amazon Echo Dot is controlled through Amazon Alexa which is a cloud-based software aiding you to connect to millions of devices to assist you with tech-friendly functions that you can use on-the-go instead of getting facilitated with them manually.
Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot Specification and Features

Echo Dot has four easily accessible buttons with an option to mute or adjust your volume with a soft fabric of black, white and charcoal color as an outer cover.  An aux and power jack are available at the back of Amazon Echo Dot, to help you connect it to other devices.

The 3.5mm jack can be connected with any speaker of your choice to give a better bass and threshold than Echo Dot 2. Moreover, Amazon Echo second generation had one mic at the bottom of it while its upgraded version, Amazon Echo (Generation 3),  has three mics to make its sound system bigger and better.

Not only it helps you to control your home tech and music streaming, but it also helps you make or receive a call based on your need. Information regarding the missed calls can also be acquired from Amazon Echo Dot.

The Echo dot review and product analysis show that Amazon’s contextual power has been more enhanced and upgraded in its latest version. Echo Dot works like a powerhouse of your daily work hassles with an in-built intercom facility for your home.  The user-friendly usability of Alexa overhaul also helps you set your morning alarms automatically.


How To Use Echo Dot

If you have a registered Amazon account, need not to worry as your Amazon Echo Dot will get easily registered with it without the struggle of putting up a new profile.

Step 1: Download Alexa App from your Android or Ios smartphone, laptop or any other device.

Amazon Echo Dot

Step 2: Log in to your Amazon Account. If you have not signed up for it, Register yourself by filling up the required details.

Amazon Echo Dot

Step 3: Once logged in, add devices that you want to synchronize with your Alexa Application.

Echo Dot

Step 4:  Connect the Dot with your WiFi network by pressing Connect. Once you are done, your Echo will go online

Amazon Echo Dot

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Step 5: To connect Amazon Echo Dot with your Alexa, Select Echo Speaker after hitting the “Add Device” option.

Step 6: The new Echo Dot would start appearing in front of you awaiting your response.

Step 7: If you prefer to use Spotify as your default music app on Amazon, tap on Spotify to make it your preferred application.

Step 8: Set your Home Speaker on fire just by asking Alexa to play your starred music. You can also get weather updates simply by saying, “Alexa, Whats the weather update?”

Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot Built-in Commands

Once your Echo Dot gets connected with an auxiliary device, a blue circular light would beam out of the Echo Dot. You can also use it on Alexa Portal if you don’t want to use it on your smartphone. Along with that, Alexa helps you to act like a one-stop hub for your house, providing assistance by ordering your food online. Not only that, but you can also track your orders, buy any product from your Amazon cart or switch on the lights of any room where you are sitting.

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Amazon Echo Dot Release Date

Echo Dot has been officially released on October 11 and is now available at a fairly reasonable price.

Amazon Echo Dot Price In Dubai

Searching for a low-cost home speaker? With the latest upgrade, Echo Dot price in Dubai starts from $50 AED.  You can also accessorize it with speaker boosters, wireless charger, and many more 3rd party products at the most reasonable price.  It also supports advanced Bluetooth system and battery backups. Level up your sound system with the 1.6” speaker giving you an improvised that you can easily connect with any larger speaker. Get your hands on your favorite Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Speaker by ordering it Now!

Enter into the world of ecstasy with the new Amazon Echo Dot!

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