All You Need To Know About Android 10

March 11, 2020

Finally! Android 10 is here! After going through several beta versions, Google released Android 10 in September 2019. It is the latest Android operating system that is available for smartphones. And Google Pixel series smartphones will be first in the list to receive the update. With the Android 10 release, the company is focusing mainly to make everyday tasks easier. Almost all the Android 10 features include are powered by on-device machine learning along with support for advanced technology such as 5G.

Also, you will find nearly 50 changes solely made to privacy and security features thus ensuring protection, transparency, and control over data. During the beta process, we have already seen several exciting Android 10 features. Read on to find everything you need to know about the latest Android OS.

Android 10 features

Privacy Is All That Matters

With Android 10, it seems like Google has implemented all the latest and advanced privacy controls that allow the user to decide on how and when to share your data. You now have an option to limit access to the location of an app. Also, restrict access to major device identifiers like serial number, IMEI and more that can track your location. Customize the settings using the new dedicated privacy section in Settings Menu.

Android 10 privacy

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Smart Reply Feature

If you already used Gmail, then you might have heard of the Smart Reply feature that suggests automated responses. Google introduced similar features into Android 10 integrated directly into the notification system. So, users can now get more than just suggested responses. Choose from a wide collection of emojis to respond instantly.

Smart Reply feature

New Gesture Controls

The latest gesture controls on Android 10 is something you have never seen before in any version. If you are one of those who are fed up of using traditional buttons or touch buttons then gesture control can do it for you. However, it is an optional feature that can be turned on and off. Launch Google Assistant with new gesture control. Swipe diagonally from the bottom to open up.

Android 10 gesture control

Foldable Phones

Being futuristic smartphones, Android 10 comes in with the support of foldable phones. It is making sure to be ready ahead of the foldable device release.

Dark Mode

While many manufacturers implemented their own style of a dark theme, Google now added full dark mode into Android 10. You can enable this feature all the time or schedule particular timings. Enabling dark mode on the OLED screens can help save battery life.

Android 10 dark mode

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Sound Amplifier

This Android 10 feature allows the user to adjust sound settings even in noisy surroundings. Users can now filter background noise and fine tine audio for the better listening experience.

Android 10 features

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Live Caption

It is good news, especially for deaf users. Live Caption is one of the Android 10 features that add in subtitles to video that is being watched over the phone. Interestingly! You need not have a data connection to utilize the feature.

Android 10 features

Focus Mode

Another new and exciting Android 10 feature to talk about is Focus mode. This mode allows to turn off notifications for all those unimportant apps while at work or playing game. It is your choice to choose the app from which you like to receive notifications.

Android 10 features

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