Air Pods 2: Things To Know

March 24, 2019

The much-awaited wireless earbuds are finally here in the market. Apple claims this second generation AirPods will ensure faster connectivity, increased talk time while providing the convenience of hands-free Siri. This accessory is released with a new standard charging case, powerful chip, and a few improved wireless features. Right now, these wireless earbuds are available for purchase on the Apple Website, Apple Store application as well as in the authorized Apple stores.

Apple AirPods 2 generation best represents the latest hardware that the company is releasing lately including the new iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iMac to name a few. These earbuds were anticipated to be very much different from that of the previous models. However, this might not be the case considering the details in its official press release. Hence, let us find out what these new AirPods 2 have in store for us.

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Apple AirPod 2 – Upgraded Features:

Apple AirPods have been a major hit when they came out and its new divisive design was well received. And now, this second generation product is also expected to get the same response. The latest accessory carries almost the same look as the original AirPods. They are free from cables, gets power from the charging case and has small protrusions from the buds. But the latest accessory has the key upgrades under its hood. The company has offered a newly-designed H1 chip that makes the connectivity pairing time better, improves battery life, and increases the convenience of hands-free calling. As claimed by the company, the original AirPods offered a battery life of 24 hours and nearly five hours of use while considering the charging case. Whereas the new AirPods with an advanced chip enhances the talk time further from two to three hours.

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Apart from the battery life, another key upgrade in the AirPods 2 generation is the hands-free Siri functionality. With the voice assistant, users can make calls, change music tracks, and do all the things that Siri can do without even pulling out your phone. All that you need doing is to place the AirPods 2 into your ears. Even though the new AirPods 2 is introduced with a wireless charging case for earbuds, the company might still ship it with a charging case. The new product will also use Qi-compatible charging mats to power the case, which is also compatible with the first generation earbuds.

airpods 2 price in Dubai airpods 2 price in UAE airpods 2 generation airpods 2 release date in UAE

Apple AirPod 2 – Price & Release Date:

The exact AirPods 2 release date in UAE is yet to be known but it is available for sale on the Apple website, application and in the physical Apple stores. However, the estimated Apple AirPods 2 price in Dubai is said to be around AED 680 when included with the standard charging case. On the other hand, the AirPods 2 price in UAE will be approximately AED 830 with wireless charging cases included.

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