Add Hotmail Live Email Accounts To Outlook 2010

February 11, 2019

The powerful yet premium email client software that comes bundled with the Microsoft office home, business or for the professional version is Microsoft Outlook. This is one of the efficient methods of communication, especially in corporate companies. It is quite useful software especially for those companies that use email as the main source to communicate with clients. Apart from having the ability to send or receive emails using the POP3 email servers, Microsoft Outlook 2010 also lets to download emails from the live email accounts such as Hotmail or Both the Windows Hotmail Live email account and the Outlook work efficiently. Definitely pairing both these powerful software programs yields a perfect match. Hotmail allows to sync email, contacts, calendar with Outlook using Hotmail connector. Also, it keeps all your data accessible from any location. Let us see how to configure and access Microsoft Outlook 2010 to download emails from Hotmail live email account.

Steps To Configure and Access Hotmail Live Email Account To Outlook 2010

Step 1: Download and install Hotmail Outlook Email Connector from the trusted source. Before installing, ensure that the Microsoft Outlook is closed.
Step 2: Click on install to initiate the process.

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Step 3: After successful installation, you are now ready to add Hotmail live email account to Outlook 2010.
Step 4: If are accessing the Microsoft Outlook 2010 for the first time, then complete the setup process before proceeding.
Step 5: Click next to proceed. Then, select yes and click on next.
Step 6: Here, you need to add an email account in Outlook. If you already have, then just click on add account.
Step 7: Now select the email account option to enter Hotmail account details. Then, click next.

Hotmail email account with Outlook

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Step 8: Immediately, Microsoft Outlook will search for the account settings and automatically creates an account with Hotmail Connector that is installed previously.
Step 9: On the Hotmail Connector page, re-enter the password and click OK.
Step 10: Once everything is done, click on finish to complete the setup.

Hotmail account with Outlook

Now, you can check out Hotmail in the Microsoft Outlook 2010. Normally, Outlook automatically syncs your emails from Hotmail. If not, go to send/receive tab to select send/receive all folders button. This will sync all emails to Outlook. Remember that it is just synchronizing emails from Hotmail. The email account still has the same emails and will not be deleted. Though Hotmail is not so popular as the Gmail, still both work great together. Hotmail Outlook Connector is the best method to keep your desktop activity in sync with the cloud.

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