How To Access Blocked Websites? 7 Ways to Unblock Blocked Sites 2018

July 15, 2018

There could be many reasons to search for the way to unblock websites. Blocking websites is quite common in almost all places that provide free WiFi. It can be either a school, college, office, or any industry along with providing free WiFi access, they aim to block certain websites especially the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. In such cases, we may have all tried to search for the ways to access blocked websites. For those who are looking for how to unblock websites, let me tell you that there are numerous ways to do so. To make it simpler for you, we have listed out some of the best ways to access blocked websites within no time. What are you waiting for! Read on further to understand of how to unblock websites in a simple yet effective manner.

Proxy Servers

The most popular method that is used to make open blocked websites is through proxy servers. They have the capability to bypass all those network restrictions thus making you browse across securely. Since the connection is encrypted, it prevents you from getting monitored and lessen the chance of getting traced. To open blocked websites, check through the settings in details and modify the specifications accordingly to avail the feature.

access blocked websites

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Google Cache

Another simplest method to access blocked websites is Google cache. The best part with the Google search is, it stores the cache files of all those popular websites. Whenever you intend to access blocked website, then look for the cached version of a particular website. The only drawback of using Google Cache is you may not able to access pages that require login and password details.

access blocked websites

Tunnelbear VPN

A simple VPN service that let to enjoy browsing in a secure & private environment is Tunnelbear VPN. Unblock all those websites on Mac, iOS, Android, PC, Chrome or Opera with the help of this popular service. Just visit the official website to download and install Tunnelbear VPN on the device.

access blocked websites

Private Tunnel

The site is blocked? Want to understand how to unblock websites? Then try downloading private tunnel and install it on the system to gain access to blocked websites. Works with almost all major OS platforms, private tunnel only sends encrypted data thus keep your connection safe from man-in-the-middle attacks. This is the most trusted software to access blocked websites, especially on Windows and Mac platforms.

access blocked websites

Wayback Machine

The most useful online tool to collect almost every information of website that you access and store cache files of all sites is Wayback Machine. With this tool, you can see of how the website looks like a year ago. While trying to access blocked websites, try to select the latest cache to get the actual look of the latest version of web page. Just open the application and type in URL that you need to access and hit on “Go Wayback!” That’s it now you can easily access it.

access blocked websites

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Spysurfing is one of the best unblock proxy site that can hide your actual location and gives access to blocked websites within few seconds. With advanced options available, you will have the feasibility to make the page load faster than usual.

access blocked websites

Anonymous HTTP Proxy

Especially in the professional environment, you need to face some boundaries while accessing the internet. At times, it becomes mandatory to gain access to blocked websites. In such cases, we look for different methods to access blocked websites. Unblock proxy is not as secure as VPN. So, if you want your work to hide then it is better to use the VPN based methods. The Anonymous HTTP Proxy works similar to the web proxy. Just open the application and enter the URL. The anonymous proxy retrieves the information thus delivering you the IP address and other information. There exist several anonymous proxy servers over the web that lets you unblock websites.

All the above-specified methods may not work for someone or in fact for some of the websites. You need to perform a trial and error task to figure out which would be quite effective to unblock blocked websites. When it comes to accessing blocked websites, we are sure that at least one of the trick will help you gain access to blocked websites at your office or college with an ease. Also, make it sure not to violate the company policies and regulations that can put you to risk. While accessing any website, there is every chance to get a 502 bad gateway error. check here to understand what is 502 Bad gateway and how to fix it. Also read about Google Chrome browser extensions and how to run Google Chrome in the night mode browsing.

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