9 Tips To Customize An Android Device

January 31, 2018

Android is one of the popular operating systems preferred by almost all the leading mobile brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and many others. Some of the best Android smartphones in UAE, Saudi and Kuwait include LG G6, HTC U11, OnePlus 5, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and many others. In case of Apple, it uses the iOS system that is developed by the brand itself. Its latest device is the iPhone X that came with iOS 11.1.1 version. This phone is expensive and its price differs depending on the variants.

Moving on, several aspects like quick response, enhanced security and overall performance makes Android the perfect OS for smartphones. Compared to Apple’s iOS, you can use a number of apps on Android devices by downloading them from the Google Play Store. Besides, there is much more to the operating system than just setting your favorite live wallpaper, ringtone or altering the audio quality. In fact, you can literally customize your phone in the way you want. There are many ways to so and here we list out a few of them.

1. Data Transfer:

Tap and Go is one of the features on Android, which you can use to transfer any kind of data from one phone to the other using Near-field communication (NFC). This way, you can easily move all your data even on your old phones. You can back up all the files on one phone and transfer them to the other. A few handsets like Google Pixel 2 XL are available with a cable that allows for quick data transfer.


2. New Keyboard:

Phones with stock Android OS generally have a default keyboard. But in the custom version devices, you can install third-party keyboards from the Google Play. Besides, you can also add Swiftkey, Swype, GIF keyboards and other apps. But always remember to customize the autocorrect settings after installing them.


3. Wallpapers:

Every smartphone comes with some default wallpapers, which are mostly not-so-interesting. But you can make your screen eye-catching and unique by downloading attractive wallpapers of your choice. You can keep changing the backgrounds every day or choose random photos. Several apps are available on the Play Store offering a huge variety of wallpapers. Install the best apps to make your phone’s screen interesting to see and use.


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4. Android Launcher:

Generally, Android smartphones come with the app manager and have the home screen. If you don’t want to use them, you can install the Android launcher and customize the device’s home screen. Along with changing the interface, you can also add app shortcuts, set gesture controls, color scheme, and resize the icons using the launcher.


5. Widgets:

One of the best things with Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 is you can add any of the widgets to your phone’s home screen. These widgets come with a number of options like time, music controls, fitness trackers, calendar, alarm and so on. You can easily add a widget on the screen, which you find suitable and useful.


6. Lock Screen:

Just like the wallpapers, you can also change the lock screen on your Android device. Apart from the unlock option, you can also customize the privacy settings so that you can hide the information displayed whenever a notification pops up. You can download some third-party apps to add more features to the unlock function.


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7. Default Apps:

It is definitely possible to set your favorite apps as default on your smartphone. You can also clear up all the programs that came by default in your handset. But for doing this, remember that your phone should be running on the stock Android or Lollipop or any later version.


8. Custom ROM:

Android users have a benefit of installing a custom ROM, which are the improved versions of this OS. A custom ROM brings in more features like configuring custom buttons and hide screen aspects. Besides, it also fixed bugs quickly compared to the Google itself.


9. Rooting Smartphones:

When you root your handset, it gives you access to a number of OS features. This lets you update the current operating system whenever required. Moreover, you can also use the stock Android without any bloatware.


Isn’t it interesting to know the different ways, which you can actually try to personalize your Android smartphone? But in all this, you should also be aware of keeping your device secured all the time. If you are wondering how to do this, just go through the 8 tips to improve battery life on Android smartphones and follow the suggestions.In addition to this it is recommended to have a best file manager in your smartphone  and best Wifi hacking apps for android 2018.

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