9 Things To Set Up On Your iPhone XS Or XS Max

January 22, 2019

For those who are habituated with the old Apple iPhone, the latest Apple iPhone XS or Apple iPhone XS Max is a bit different as it doesn’t come up with the home button. Being the latest generation smartphone, there are a lot of things that you need to learn to initiate the setup. Even though you are familiar with certain aspects, there are several other features that you ought to know before using the device. Yes! Apple gives out the setup wizard, but it might not be enough. So, we are here to help you out in knowing certain things that you need to set up on your Apple iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Though the process hasn’t changed much, this guide can make your setup the Apple iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max in the right way.

Activate iPhone

Once you insert a SIM card and activate Wi-Fi network, then Apple automatically tries to activate iPhone. To navigate through properly, ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted. Once done, you find the phone number on the screen. If it is your number, then tap next. Type in the billing zip code and if you are a US citizen, enter last four digits of social security number.


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Create or Sign in Apple ID

Apple ID is quite essential to install an application or to make a Facetime group call. So, either sign in with the existing Apple ID or create a new one. Enter appropriate details such as name, birthday and email account to create an Apple ID.

Apple iPhone XS

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Set Up Face ID and Passcode

As the Apple iPhone X, even the Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are given Face ID feature. It is quite simple to setup Face ID. Head to the settings-→Face ID & Passcode to register. Simply rotate your face around twice, the device stores a 3D image of the head in a secured wallet. Also, there is an option to set up a secondary face.

Apple iPhone XS

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Back Up Is Essential

If you already have an old iPhone and are upgrading to the new Apple iPhone XS then back your previous iPhone data. Back up can be using iCloud or iTunes. If you are new iPhone user, then set up a backup by visiting iCloud settings-→ move to your name to iCloud → iCloud Backup-→ Back Up Now. Wait until you finish the process.

Apple iPhone XS

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Set Up Apple Pay

If you haven’t accessed Apple Pay then it is now time to start using this feature. This is quite secure than using the debit card or credit card. Using Apple Pay, the user can pay for all the things in the store or can even send money to friends.

Apple iPhone XS

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Enable Do Not Disturb

If you are worried of constantly getting notifications, messages or any other alerts then you can enable Do Not Disturb. To do so, head to settings-→ Do not disturb. Toggle the button to enable the option. Also, schedule time from which time the device needs to be in this mode.

Apple iPhone XS

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Download Shortcuts App

Being one of the interesting new iPhone apps, you should download Shortcuts app to make it easier to navigate on Apple iPhone. Since it doesn’t come in by default, it becomes mandatory to download. This new app just uses the single Siri command to accomplish a series of tasks.

Apple iPhone XS

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Learn To Force Restart

With the home button, force restart was never a problem. Since the latest Apple iPhones don’t come up with the home button, the process for force restart is a little bit different. Firstly, press and release the volume up button. Next, press and release volume down button, then later press and hold side button until the screen turns off and turns back on. Now, release the side button when you find the Apple logo.

Apple iPhone XS

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Use True Tone Display

The latest feature added up to new iPhones is True Tone display. This feature uses the sensors to automatically measure ambient light and also adjust the coloring and white level. Furthermore, this feature is known to reduce eye strain and ensures to get correct coloring irrespective of the lighting conditions. You can find this option in the setting menu, under Display & brightness. Or else, you can even access it via the control center.

Apple iPhone XS

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