9 Best Car Gadgets To Buy Right Now

January 3, 2018

Cars are no longer a luxury but a necessary transportation mode that most of us prefer today. In Dubai and other Gulf regions, there are more people who own cars than those, who use the public transportation. Hence, maintaining a car is no simple thing. Besides, keeping it in good condition, you might also need using some auto accessories for reasons like convenience, improving the interiors, and other utility purposes. So, here we list out a few car accessories which you can buy right away.

1. Car Camcorder Lens:
This car gadget is a must-have for your vehicle. Dash cameras have become quite common these days as this helps to record things while on the move. It is also helpful as an evidence in case of a collision or accident. This Lichi car camcorder comes with 2.7-inch high definition display and gives maximum video resolution of 1080p. The gadget also features infrared night vision function, 140-degree wide angle lens for better camera shooting and recording purposes.


2. Universal 2 Port USB Car Charger:
For a traveler, the Universal 2 port USB car charger is one of the best car accessories to own. It comes with two USB ports using which, you can charge any of your electronic devices like smartphones, tablet, laptop along with other portable devices. This lets you charge up two devices at once and at a faster rate, thus saving enough time.


3. Car Mobile Holder:
If you are thinking to buy car accessories online in UAE, then opt for the car mobile holder. Most of us are now depending on phones for directions when traveling to new locations. In such cases, using a mobile holder is suggested as it holds your phone in the proper position, without the need of you holding it yourself and risk the driving. Moreover, it keeps the phone safe from falling down while driving. Car mobile holders come in several forms and sizes. Some of them even have width adjustment function, which you can adjust according to your phone’s size.


4. Multi-Functional Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit:
The handsfree Bluetooth car kit is an essential accessory that is useful for charging devices, hands-free calling and music streaming. It can be easily paired with other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly using FM radio frequency and lets you transfer data instantly. Besides, it gets an FM transmitter that supports Micro SD card and USB disk. Apart from transferring data, you can also charge phones using the built-in USB ports.


5. Mini Humidifier With Perfume & Air Purifier:
Mini humidifiers are the best accessories to choose for fresh car interior. This product comes with three important functions, which are humidifying, aromatherapy and air purification. Adding this product to your car will help purify the air inside the vehicle while giving out good fragrance.


6. Sunvisor Hanger Pouch & Cards Holder:
Another accessory on the list is the sun visor hanger pouch and cards holder. This one is of great use as it lets you keep all your important cards in one place. It acts just like a wallet, where you place your cards in an organized way. The hanger pouch comes with small pockets, zipper compartments and card slots for storing phones, cards, pens and other small items while keeping them firmly in place.


7. Car Sunglasses Clip:
One of the products you need if you own a car is the sunglasses clip. This holder allows you to keep your sunglasses or driving glasses. This clip is positioned right onto the sun visor, which you have to flip down, press the button and take your glasses from the clip whenever necessary. It can be easily installed in your vehicle and very simple to use.


8. Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Holder:
The magnetic car phone holder is a great accessory for your car that firmly sticks to the dashboard and holds your smartphone in position. It has the 360-degree rotation, which means you can rotate or adjust your phone at any angle depending on your need and convenience.


9. Car Dashboard Sticky Pad:
Planning to buy essential car accessories online in Dubai, then look for dashboard sticky pad holders. This product is usually placed on the dashboard or center console to stick important things like phone, keys, pen, sunglasses or any other. Any object will stick to this pad and doesn’t easily fall off. Besides, it can also be used for decorative purposes.


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