8 Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Android Smartphones

August 20, 2018

One of the biggest struggle that everyone faces while using the Android smartphone is appropriate usage of storage space. We understand your pain and are here to help you out with some effective ways to free up space. Previously, phones used to come up with only 4GB of storage, and now we have smartphones with 32GB or 64GB storage. While the budget model features 16Gb of internal storage, the top-end smartphones come in with higher storage. Despite the availability of higher storage, still it gets filled up easily by the apps, photos, videos and other data. However, we are not sure that all of the data available is important. In order to free up space on Android, all you need to do is clear the clutter which enhances the performance. There exists several ways to clean up Android. But, here let us focus on some of the simple ways to free up space on best Android smartphone 2018.

Delete Unwanted Data

It is sure that there is a lot of unwanted data piled up especially photos and video files. They take up enough storage and do you really think they are worth keeping down? Probably not! So, once have a look at the gallery and delete all those unnecessary photos and videos. Apart from photos, there exists several unused apps and games. Delete those unwanted apps and games by visiting setting option. You can even check the list of installed apps from Google Play. Just tap on the application and choose uninstall. Also, clean your Android with these best Android cleaner apps.

Free up space Android

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Clear Cache

After deleting the unwanted data, the next thing to do is clear Cache. Android storage panel shows everything about which application is taking up how much storage. Here you can even see the details and space taken by the cached data. To clear cache, go to settings-→Applications Manager-→ find apps with more space-→ Tap clear cache. To get more storage space, you need to kill Android apps running on the background.

Free up space AndroidClear Downloads

As in PC or Mac systems, Android devices also have a separate downloads folder. We often download a file or document and leave it unattended. It is a favorite spot for those junk files. To view what’s in there, open app drawer and select downloads. To sort the downloads list according to size, just tap on three dots menu on the top corner. To move it to trash, tap and hold on the required downloaded file.

Free up space AndroidSave Data in Google Drive

Since you are using an Android smartphone, you even have the feasibility to make use of other cloud-storage tools. As with the photos and videos, you can easily transfer them to Google photos. And all those necessary documents that you don’t use often can also be transferred to Google Drive. Transferring the files, photos or any media files also makes it accessible from any device. Find duplicate files on Android with these simple steps.

Free up space Android

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Delete WhatsApp Media Files

WhatsApp stores all those media files received. It downloads the photos and videos automatically to your phone. Some of the files are even not visible directly from the gallery. Instead navigate through internal storage-→WhatsApp-→ Media-→WhatsApp images-→Sent. Here you can checkout all the medial files and delete what ever you need.

Free up space Android

Use Free Up space Button on Android Oreo

Is your device is running on Android Oreo? Then Google is making it easier to clear all those junk files and free up space. To access Storage section, go to settings, wherein you will find the button with the name Free up space. Here, you will find the files that are backed up. Select the files and delete it from your phone with an ease.

Free up space Android

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Make Use of microSD Card

Not all the phones have this feature of microSD card slot. But, if you have that feature then transfer all those large files to the external storage. Few phones also allow you to make it to use as an internal storage. Throw off all those files into the microSD card thus making up free space on your device.

Free up space Android

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Factory Data Reset

If all the above methods doesn’t work for you, then try factory data reset. This would erase all the information stored so as to restore the original manufacturer settings. Doing so, will completely erase the data, settings, and other information. Before performing factory data reset, ensure to take a backup of phone content.


All these tricks will definitely work for you to free up space on Android smartphone. Try to clear up all those junk files often to get rid of the storage problems. For optimum usage of storage, download low MB games on Android.

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  • this is a common issue of running out of storage capacity due to excessive use of apps.there are numerous Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Android Smartphones. every one who are facing this issue better try reading this blog ,really helpful and informative and worth trying.

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  • No sufficient space in smartphone is the biggest concern of everyone ,too many apps which you need for travel ,shopping ,navigation and for many other purposes.there many ways to Free Up Storage Space On Android Smartphones.its easy and simple to free up storage space on android in few simple steps.

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