8 Tips To Master Google’s Gesture Navigation On Your Android 10 Phones

March 9, 2020

It is the versatility and customizable nature of the Android platform that makes it more popular over iOS. Being an open-source platform, one can easily dig into the settings to make necessary tweaks to the default settings. With every new Android update, it is bringing up a host of exciting features and tools. Android 10 is the latest Android OS that is reaching up to many Android phones. And the first thing you notice with the update is the inclusion of gesture navigation. As it replaces the standard navigation keys, these gesture controls might confuse you. Worry not! We are here to help you out! Here is a guide that explains how to master Google’s gesture navigation using simple tips. Before that, let us see how to enable navigation gestures in Android 10 smartphones.

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Steps To Enable Gesture Navigation in Android 10

In case you have upgraded to Android 10, then by default, you may have seen the traditional navigation buttons in action. Here is how to change it to gesture navigation in Android 10.

– Go to settings-→ Access System settings

– Scroll down to tap on the system-→ Gestures-→ system navigation.

– Here, look for the Gesture navigation. Tap on it to enable the option.

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Tips To Master Android 10 Gesture Navigation

– Switch Between Apps

There is only one way to swap between the apps. Quickly switch between apps using the small bar at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left to right to quickly swap to last-used apps.

Android 10 gestures

– Launch Google Assistant

The previous Android versions allow launching Google Assistant by just saying “okay Google” or pressing down the home key. Now, as the Android 10 doesn’t feature the home key, how to enable Google Assistant? There is now a Google search bar placed at the bottom end of the home page. To activate, tap on the icon to the right of the search bar.

open Google assistant

Return to Home Page

Returning back to the home screen without a home button is impossible. One can use gesture control to get the home screen. Place your finger at the bottom end of the screen and swipe upwards to get back home screen.

– Accessing App Drawer

Accessing App drawer is easier than you think. All you need to do is to pull up from the home screen. Yes! It is the same gesture control you use to get back to the home screen.

– Access Recent Apps

If you have used the Android 9.0 gesture navigation system, then accessing recent apps is almost similar. Rather than swiping up all the way to the top, just slide up from the bottom end of the screen. You will find the edge of the latest app, just lift your finger to the recent app to pop in. Again swipe up to close the app.

Android 10 gesture

Get Split-screen Mode

Want to use the split-screen mode on Android 10? Here is the new gesture navigation control that lets to access Android split-screen mode. Open the app you want to open in split-screen, slide up to open recent apps and tap on the desired app icon and select split-screen. You can now use both windows separately.

Android 10 gesture

– Rotating Screen in Android 10

Firstly! This isn’t a new gesture navigation control you are looking into. Since Android 9.0 Pie we have the gesture navigation to be able to rotate screen manually. With an auto-rotate feature on, the screen rotates depending on the angle you are holding the phone. Well! At times it is annoying! It is quite easier to tell the phone when to rotate or not. After you turn off the auto-rotate option, put your phone in the desired position and tap on the small rotate button on the bottom right corner.

Android 10 gestures

Force-Close Apps

Gesture navigation to force close app is not changed. While performing multitasking, drag up the app card and push it from the top end of the screen to close.

Apart from the advanced gesture navigation control, Android 10 offers a lot of other features including dedicated dark mode, privacy settings and more.

Here are different methods to add gesture control to the Android device.

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