8 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips And Tricks

November 22, 2017

The Galaxy Note 8 Release in UAE took place in April 2017 and since then, it is doing great business. The gorgeous phone is packed with top notch features and high end specifications, which makes it one of the best smartphones of 2017. The latest device has some really new and intelligent features, which even Galaxy users may find hard or confusing to use.

So, here we provide you with some useful tips and tricks that help you to get the best out of your device.


1. Customizing Volume Levels:

At certain situations, it becomes necessary for you to mute your phone like when you are in a meeting or a cinema hall etc. Instead of going to the menu to change the setting, you can turn it down completely and quickly by pressing the ‘volume down’ button present on the left-hand side of the device. In order to independently change the ringer, notification and other device sounds, you can press the ‘down arrow’ present on the phone’s right-hand side. To keep it in vibration, you can click the volume button and tap the speaker icon.


2. Change the Buttons On-Screen:
Compared to other Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S8 has its on-screen buttons arranged in a different way. This might confuse you initially or until you get used to the phone. However, you still have the option of rearranging the layout to something, which you are quite familiar with. To do that., go to the phone’s Settings, select Display and then Navigation Bar. Next press the Button Layout, where you can change the layout. Follow the same steps if you wish to change the background color of the navigation bar.


3. Hide and Mute Notifications for Apps:
There might be some important applications on your device, which you want to keep it confidential. In such case, you can mute notifications of those apps from appearing on your screen. To do this, go to Settings, select Notifications and toggle off the notifications of that application. Similarly, you can hide the content of the notifications also from your lock screen. All that you need to do is to tap Settings, go to Notifications, and then select apps that you want to hide.


4. Facial Recognition, Fingerprints and IRIS Scanning:
It becomes quite essential for you to keep your smartphone protected, especially if you own something latest as Samsung Galaxy S8 Dubai. The device offers you three important security features to choose from, which are Iris scanning, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning. The best thing about S8 is, you can select either one of these options or a combination of all. The choice is yours. To use these, select Settings, go to Lockscreen and Security. Then register your fingerprint, Iris, and face. At once, you can use only any of these and you have to set either password, PIN or a pattern as well.


5. Take Screenshots:
With Galaxy S8, you have three ways to take screenshots. The first option is by pressing the volume down and power keys simultaneously. And the next way is by swiping for which, you have to go to Settings, select Advanced features and turn on Palm swipe. Taking screenshots is also possible with the Smart Select app, which is on the Edge Panels. To turn on this option, select Settings, go to Display and then Edge Panels.


6. Bixby:
Bixby is the new AI powered personal assistant introduced by Samsung in its S8 model. It is developed to understand all kinds of phone communication like texts, taps, and voice. This personal assistant keeps learning your preferences and manages the tasks that you regularly perform on your device. To get direct access to applications or a customized information, just swipe right from the lock screen or press the Bixby key.


7. Instant Search:
It sometimes becomes annoying to search that one particular app from the entire list. With Galaxy S8, this task gets a little easier with the help of search bar that is built into the app drawer. To use this, just swipe down on the screen and tap on the ‘Search Phone.’ You can otherwise tap the app drawer icon if you want to enable the option. Through this search bar, you can look for anything present on your phone like apps, SMS messages, and settings etc.


8. Latest Emojis:
Samsung Galaxy S8 in UAE is offered with a new collection of emojis that include a pilot, broccoli, teacher, a boy with bunny ears and many more. It is quite easy to use this new emojis by tapping the emoji button on the device’s default keyboard.

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