8 Apps You Need If You Use An Android Phone With Windows

December 17, 2019

Did you know that you can use an Android phone with Windows PC/laptop so as to have a great viewing experience? Yes! You heard it right! Android smartphone allows syncing with the Windows 10 PC such that you can effortlessly carry out the task on PC where you left off on your device. No matter how much display size your smartphone features, at times it seems to be small when compared to the PC. Being a small screen, it limits us to access only one app at a time for better viewing.

It is always been easier to manage loads of files, photos, media, and music from the desktop. Here comes the need for these tools that can help use an Android phone with a Windows desktop.

Connect Me

Stream any audio or video content saved on your phone to PC using the most popular app. Yes! We are talking of Connect Me. Apart from transferring content, link it to the device a camera to watch the feed from Windows desktop. Use Android phone with Windows to send SMS, make calls without even touching your handset. To start using Connect Me, install it and use your home WiFi to connect both the phone and PC. Login using valid credentials to web.gomo.com on your PC browser. Click ‘OK’ to connect from your phone. Additionally, with root access on the smartphone, you will be able to capture screenshots.

Connect Me

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Being security a primary concern, AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 encryption and RSA key exchange to establish a secure connection between Android and desktop PC. It offers high-frame-rate and low-latency remote control for your smartphone from Windows. Share screen on Windows 10 device. However, you need to install the AnyDesk app both on PC and Android. Once configured successfully, mark up the screen and share it across. Even use the app for screen recording directly from Windows PC.



Airmore is an excellent app that allows to stream photos, videos, and all your music list available on your smartphone. As the photos are organized according to the date or month, it becomes easy to download or delete. Also, manage contacts and send bulk messages at once to intended contacts. Even make a call. However, remember that you cannot disconnect call directly from the desktop. Install Airmore app on Android, and open AirMore Web on a PC browser. Scan QR code and click on accept. With Airmore, you can connect Android, iPhone or Mac to PC.

Transfer files

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Apart from transferring data between the smartphone and PC, AirDroid provides remote access. It is one of the easiest methods to sync up the data between Android and Windows PC. Furthermore, AirDroid supports file transfers, remote access, screen sharing as well as a recording phone screen. For those who are stuck up with multitasking on PC, the app provides notification alerts on PC for all those often used apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and others. It allows making calls from your Windows laptop.

Android phone With PC

Web PC Suite

Here is another app that enables us to watch and stream content from Android to PC. Download the app to stream photos, videos, music, documents and other APK files directly to your Windows PC. Connect it using a WiFi connection or the personal hot spot connectivity option. Interestingly! The user interface of the Web PC suite follows with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It works across a wide range of platforms including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Thus accomplishing the transfer among these devices.

Android phone with PC


Checketry is one of the best tools that can help track the activities on PC without sitting on it for a long time. It works best with the standard documents as well as image downloads. Remotely manage downloads from the Torrent websites. And, there is even a Chrome and Firefox extension that can help manage downloads between the Android and PC browser. Upgrade to the Checketry Premium that unlocks advanced functionalities. It includes features like remote desktop feature, shut-down timer and more. Using the Remote desktop you can stop and start downloads directly from PC.

Android phone with PC

Chrome Remote Desktop

Did you ever take a file or folder from your desktop? Yes! Every one of us have faced such a situation. Here comes the need of a Chrome Remote Desktop tool. It can help grab a file and drop it to your Dropbox without necessarily being in the same place or room as your Windows PC. Download Chrome Remote Desktop to get a Chrome browser extension and enable the functionality. Once set up successfully, you will find the cursor on the Android screen. Move it around by dragging a finger across the display. Once you are ready to open or select a file, double-tap on the screen.

Android Phone With PC

Dell Mobile Connect

Dell Mobile Connect is an amazing app to connect your smartphone to the PC. It allows making calls, texts directly from your PC. Also, react to your notifications. The app is a big draw for everyone considering new hardware. However, the app is restricted only to Dell PCs. Hopefully, we will see OEMs supporting similar features.

Android phone with Windows

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