7 Interesting Google Apps That You’ve Never Heard Of

March 5, 2019

With the inclusion of the latest version of Android, Google is truly trying to embrace the mobile universe with the set of best apps. Currently, we can find that Gmail and Google Maps are widely used apps. Google is extending its services and enhancing the quality of the apps by releasing regular updates. Being a great platform, users will find thousands of apps available on the Google Play store. Every Google app is designed to enhance the overall user experience with the Android platform. However, there are certain apps that are created by Google itself but they are never heard of before. Here, we will cover some of the interesting Google Apps that you would probably have never heard of.


One of the best Google App to talk about in this list is PhotoScan. This free Google app is from the Google photos which allow users to scan and convert the physical photograph into a digital image. In simple terms, PhotoScan is nothing but a scanner app that lets to scan and save printed photos using the phone camera. It makes use of artificial intelligence in order to calibrate colors and remove unwanted glare from the pictures.

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YouTube Kids

Here is another interesting Google app that is intended for the youngsters. YouTube Kids is mainly designed for the kids and comprises of the educational material that can help out in accomplishing their task. Being a parent or a guardian, you also have the feasibility to set viewing preferences, manage necessary settings appropriate for your kids. YouTube Kids is one of the great tool for kids to explore everything around.

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We always like to have a beautiful display on our Android. Try out using the wallpapers app to make the display filled with beautiful wallpapers and also use advanced features to enhance the look. Either select your own photo or any image from the Google Earth. Choose the image of your interest and gives your Android device a unique style. Also, double your fun by showing the world with one wallpaper and keeping another for yourself.

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Google Trips

Exploring the world is now much easier with this best Google app- Google Trips. This free app is available both for the Android and iOS platforms. It also allows organizing the essential info in one single location thus making it accessible even when offline. The app gives the activity suggestions when needed based on the location so as to customize the day plan. Make use of Google trips to find out popular attractions and review from other travelers. Since the data is available offline, you can use this app from any location.

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Files Go

Google renamed the so-called Files Go app as the Files by Google. This is the best file management app that allows finding the files at a faster rate, free up space by giving out recommendations, and also backs up files so as to save space on the device. Since you are saving enough space, definitely you will find an enhancement in the overall device performance. The app gives out regular prompts to remove junk or other temporary files that can give you more storage instantly.

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Though not every Google user, but there are several people around the world who have already started using the Datally Google app in order to understand, control and save data wisely. It is claimed that using this app, people can save around 21 percent of mobile data. There is even feasibility to share data with your friends and family using the track hotspot and guest mode feature. In order to get most of the mobile data, Datally requests to grant permissions at every level.

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Google Fit

Here is the new Google Fit app which can help to stay fit and healthy. In order to bring in the activity goals, Google has worked with the WHO and AHA. This can further enhance your health condition. Earn more move minutes to find healthier changes in your daily routine. It also records the heart points by tracking the activities that pump harder to give out tremendous benefits to the heart. Google Fit also tracks your workouts directly from the smartphone or smartwatch.

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