7 Amazing Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen

August 25, 2018

Over the past three generations, the South Korean giant grabbed the attention of users with its Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphone. Both the Galaxy S-series and Note series seem to be quite competitive in the market. The latest smartphone from the Galaxy Note series that is creating a huge buzz around is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Especially the Samsung Stylus Pen included in this new smartphone seem to be attractive and is a major highlight of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is the most distinctive feature and it even sets it apart from the Galaxy S-series devices. With the larger display than the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, appropriate placement of the fingerprint reader, and the S Pen in Galaxy Note 9 makes it the best smartphone of 2018. So, how does the S Pen Note 9 differs from the previous Samsung Stylus Pen? Let us identify some of the best Note 9 S Pen features that makes it worth to pay for.

Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Remote

Sounds Exciting right! With the addition of Bluetooth Support to the S Pen Note 9, it can now act as a remote controller handling multiple tasks. Now the S Pen can be used for the music playback controls, or move through the presentation using the simple pen rather than holding the huge display Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

Features Battery

The S Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now more powerful as it features a supercapacitor in order to power the Bluetooth functionality. Though the estimated battery life is low at 30 minutes or for 200 clicks, still it is quite functional than its predecessors. As the battery drops, the user gets an alert. And, interestingly it takes only 40 seconds of time to get the S Pen chargeback.

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Live Messages

The most popular feature with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is to create live messages. Just choose the option of live messages which forces to pull out Note 9 S Pen and then start writing. Customize the style of writing by choosing from different pen styles, colors, thickness and background color. To add a photo to the message, click on the gallery. Or even add an AR Emoji or draw it as you like. Tap on done once finished and save it to the gallery. Also, share it on different platforms where it accepts GIFs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S PenTake Notes- Either With Display Locked Or Unlocked

The most common feature of the S Pen is to take notes. Just pull out the pen to take notes on the device and put it back in. You can even pull out the pen when the phone is locked to jot down notes on off-screen. Also, pin the notes on the Always on display.

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Unlock Note 9 With S Pen

Another notable feature of the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is to unlock your Note 9 remotely. Just enable the feature on Note 9 to unlock the device. Go to settings-→ Advanced features-→S Pen-→ Unlock With S Pen Remote. Enable the radio button Unlock with S-Pen remote. This is quite useful when your phone gets locked while presentations or listening to music. A single press on the button will unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

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Snap a Picture

The Galaxy Note 9 s pen is now more useful than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Hold down the button on the S Pen to open the camera app. Press it to take a snap. If you don’t wish to click from S-Pen, then you can even disable this feature.

Launch An App

Technically, the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen can be used to launch an app. Though it supports only a few apps such as Google Chrome, Gallery, Shutter, Media, Snapchat and a few more, still it is one of the amazing galaxy Note 9 S Pen features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S PenSamsung Galaxy Note 9 was recently launched in UAE with some speed upgrades, power S-Pen and a bit bigger battery. Though the Samsung Galaxy S Pen Note 9 price seems to be high at AED 3699, the inclusion of S Pen in Note 9 makes it worthy to pay. And this price is better than the launch price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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