6 Ways To Protect Your Eyes When Using A Smartphone

June 21, 2018

With the technology getting advanced day-by-day, it has become quite hard to ignore using the latest gadgets. Especially, the smartphones, which have now become our necessity. Right from the dawn to dusk, we keep checking our phones numerous times and do different tasks like playing games, using social media, texting, photo capturing and so on. There are also many individuals who carry out their work using phones and stay in touch with clients.

It is true that the latest smartphones are simplifying our daily tasks, but at the same time, these devices are also causing risk to our eyes. Staring at the smartphone continuously for prolonged hours gradually leads to blurred vision, headaches, dry and itchy eyes and many other issues. Hence, by following a few healthy habits and tips, you can prevent stain to your eyes and keep them in good condition.

Tips To Protect Your Eyes When Using A Smartphone:

1. Anti-Glare Screen Protector:

Most of the branded smartphones these days are offered with anti-glare screens by default. In case, if your device lacks this feature, try getting this screen. These screens will help to lessen the effect of your device’s blue light on your eyes and prevents any damage. As the anti-glare screens are reasonable, it shouldn’t be a problem for users to get these screens. But if you do not prefer getting this screen, you can try using the Bluelight Filter for Eye Care app on Android phones that helps to reduce the blue light effect.


2. Blink Often:

Always remember to blink your eyes often as this assists to keep them moist, lessen dryness and irritation as well. Doing so will reduce the negative effects the screen radiation will have on the eyes. This technique should be followed not only when using smartphones, but any other electronic device like computers, tablets etc. Moreover, you can make it effective further by splashing your eyes with water.

3. Take Breaks:

Have you ever heard about the 20-20-20 rule? This is one of the useful concepts you can follow to keep your eyes protected from the harmful radiation. As per the concept, giving your eyes a break from staring at the screen every 20 minutes for up to 20 seconds will help relax the eye muscles. During the break, just look at anything that is approximately 20 feet away in distance.

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4. Adjust The Screen Brightness & Contrast:

Is your screen too dark or too bright? If so, then immediately adjust the brightness and contrast levels as it will stress out your eyes and affect them, especially when you try to focus on things. In order to prevent such issues, just adjust your device’s screen according to the light level in the environment around you.


5. Clean Screen:

Never forget the basic principle of cleaning your phone’s screen on a regular basis. Using the device frequently will leave behind many dirty marks on them. Also, the place we keep them may be filled with dust and other invisible dirt. If the dirt gets in contact with your eyes through your fingers, then it will lead to itchiness, strain and other issues to the eyes.

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6. Place Phone At The Right Distance:

It is utmost important to hold your devices at some distance from your face. Holding them close will damage the eyes to a great extent. So, it is recommended to hold them at least 16 to 18 inches away as this will have a lesser radiation effect on your eyes.


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