6 Amazing Egg Gadgets For Easy Cooking

January 18, 2018

Generally, cooking requires some knowledge, effort and a few tools as well to make the task easy. Of all the things that we eat, eggs are quite easy to cook that too, in a little time. But at times, we might require some kitchen tools or equipment when preparing different recipes using eggs. So, let us now check out the kind of tools that are specifically offered for cooking eggs.

1. EZ Egg Cracker & Separator:

EZ Egg Cracker and Separator is one of the finest tools used for cooking eggs at just the touch of a button. It comes with a simple design that cracks open the eggs without leaving the pieces of shell in your bowl. The separator does a great job of separating shell from the egg yolk and whites. It is not just raw eggs, but you can remove shells of hard-boiled eggs as well using this handy tool.


2. Eggstractor Egg Shell Peeler:

Peeling shells of hard boiled eggs is not a difficult task but it consumes a lot of time. The best solution to get this work done quickly is to use an eggshell peeler. All that you have to do using the equipment is to tap, place the egg and press it. In no time, you can peel off all the shells of eggs and go ahead with preparing salads and other food dishes.


3. Olympia Egg Boiler:

The 7 Pcs egg boiler from Olympia is another useful tool you can buy for cooking eggs. This equipment runs on electricity and useful for boiling 7 eggs at a time. It comes with a multifunctional magic pot that is perfect for deep frying, stirs frying, steaming, and preparing soups.


4. Egg White Separator:

Most of the recipes require using only egg whites but not the complete egg. In such cases, egg yolks should be separated from the whites carefully. This task is quite tricky as sometimes, both the parts get mixed up even after a lot of effort. Hence, it is suggested to use egg white separator, which gets the task done efficiently and instantly without even messing up with things. Just take a bowl, place the separator on it. Then crack open the egg and place it on the tool, which easily separates the yolk and white in no time.


5. Cinderella Microwave Egg Boiler:

With the microwave egg boiler, boil the eggs perfectly in just a minutes of time. Just add water to the egg boiler, place eggs on the metal tray, and power up the base. In just a few minutes you can boil nearly 4 eggs at a time. This tool is easy to use and clean and cooks soft, medium as well as hard-boiled eggs.


6. Fried Egg Stainless Steel Mold:

If you want to give a different or interesting shape to the eggs, use the fried eggs die stainless steel molds. It comes with excellent designs using which, you can cook eggs or pancakes in a variety of shapes like star, heart, plum flower, and round.


So, here are the 6 tools we suggest you try for cooking yummy egg dishes. Besides these, there are many other kitchen tools available which you can use on daily basis. For a better idea, read on 5 must-have tools in your kitchen, which helps you find essential kitchen equipment at low prices.

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