What Is A 500 Internal Server Error And How Do I Fix It

February 10, 2019

As we are aware of the fact that for every request, the web browser responds with a status code. For the web server, 5XX are the status codes. Of all the errors, an internal server error is the most common error encountered. Of course! Many of us have faced this error. For instance, when we try to access a website, we see an error saying “500 Internal Server Error”. This means that there is something wrong with the website. As the server could not be more specific about the exact problem, it just displays it as Internal server error. This is quite frustrating as it doesn’t specify specifically about the error. However, it is quite clear that there is nothing wrong with the system, browser or internet connection. The problem is with the website that you are trying to reach. Here, we will go through the 500 Internal server error in detail and some tips that can help fix this issue.

Different forms of 500 Internal Server Error

Now that we are aware of what exactly the internal server error is, then let me make it clear that the error can be resolved only by fixes given to the web server software. There are a number of ways to display this error in a web browser. Every website follows a different customized message in order to display internal server error. Some of the common forms of showing up this 500 Internal server error include:

• HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
• Temporary Error (500)
• Internal Server Error
• HTTP 500 Internal Error
• 500 Error
• HTTP Error 500
• 500. That’s an error

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How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error?

Whenever you hit an Internal server error, then you probably are confused about what caused this error. Though it is a server error, in order to fix the error, we should actually understand the reason causing the error. Generally, 500 Internal server error occurs if the web server is not configured properly or if the application is trying to do some other tasks or if the server is unable to proceed with the request due to some conflicts or restrictions. Irrespective of the cause, you can definitely try out some methods to fix this.

Refresh Web page

Though not the accurate solution, but at time refreshing or reloading the web page again could resolve the issue. Either press F5 or use the refresh/reload button.

500 Internal Server Error

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

This is the first thing that any tech guy advises you to do. Though server errors are not because of cookies or cache, still there is a chance for the error to be fixed. Just try it out as it takes only a few minutes to do.

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Check for the Error logs

In order to get some information about the Internal server error, check for the Apache and PHP error logs. They may help you out in providing information related to code failures or the reason for the site failure.

Try troubleshooting the 500 internal server error like a 504 gateway error. At times, some servers exhibit 500 error even though in reality it is a 504 gateway timeout error. If none of the options works out, try to contact the web administrator directly. They should have known it earlier about the error, if in case they don’t, you will help them to let know about 500 Internal server error on their website.

500 Internal server error

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