5 Secret Tips And Tricks Of Apple iPhones

January 20, 2018

Apple iPhones are, without a doubt, the finest examples of the advanced smartphone technology we have today. These are stylish, performance oriented and at the same time complex too. All the iPhone users and non-users are generally aware of all the features they come with. Yet, the Apple offers them with some specific aspects or shortcuts that even dedicated users might not be aware of.

So, here we list out some of the Apple iPhone secret tips and tricks, which you may start using right away.

1. SOS Feature:

Keeping in view the emergency situations, Apple included a feature called Emergency SOS, which locks the device and connects the line to the cops when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. To activate this feature, you have to continuously press the power key for about 5 times when the phone is locked. Then it gives out a siren sound and begins the countdown before dialing the emergency numbers automatically. To turn off the automatic dialing, you can create a shortcut by changing the settings.


2. Special Effects in Messages:

Apple offered screen effects in messages when it released the iOS 10 version last year. These effects include fireworks, balloons, lasers, and confetti as well. Interestingly, a few more effects are also included when the Apple phones received the iOS 11 update. One of them is the Echo effect which repeats the message across the screen, and the other effect is Spotlight, which gives a beam of light on the text. To use these effects in your text messages, just hold the send button, tap the screen tab and swipe either to the left or right to choose the special effect.


3. Increase Battery Life:

iPhone users always desire for a large, and long-lasting battery on their devices. Battery units in iPhones are indeed durable, but what drains them down quickly is the apps that continuously run in the background. But now, this can be controlled and battery life can be saved by turning off the Spotlight option. To find this option, go to settings, select general and then spotlight search.


4. QR Code Scanner:

Generally, when scanning the QR codes, we download a few third-party applications. But with the latest iOS 11 version, there is a built-in QR code scanner in the camera app itself. So, whenever you need scanning the QR code, just open the camera, direct it at the code, and then press the drop-down notification. This can also be toggled on or off from the camera option in the settings.


5. Adjust Torch Brightness:

In order to make adjustments to the torch brightness, go to the control center by swiping up from the screen’s bottom. Instead of tapping the flashlight key every time you need, you can just register on the 3D touch and use it rather. The 3D touch menu gives you three options to switch on the flashlight. The brightness level can be adjusted based on the option you select.


Hence, these are a few tips you might have known for the first time. Start using them for making your tasks easier on these complex devices. One of the premium phones on which you can try these tricks is the Apple iPhone X. This handset packs in many extraordinary features that are quite advanced and innovative. In order to get details of the phone, you can go through the 7 reasons to buy the Apple iPhone X. Have a look for more steps to transfer data between iPhone and iPhone ,iPhone and Pc and information about How To Activate IPhone Without Sim Card 2018 and 10 Best IPhone Security Apps In 2018 for your help, Forgot Apple ID Password? Here Is How To Reset and Transfer Photos From IPhone To Computer (Mac & Windows PC).

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