5 Canon Cameras We Can Expect In 2018

February 6, 2018

Last year, we have seen the launch of some amazing cameras in UAE market. Some of the dslr cameras of 2017 include Sony Alpha 9, Canon PowerShot G1X Mark III, Sony A7R III, Nikon D850 and a few others.

This year is already lined up for many such releases, especially from Canon Camera. This brand has always surprised us with its fantastic DSLRs and other digital cameras. Some of its popular offerings include Canon 80D, EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and so on. So, let us now see what Canon plans to release in coming days.

1. Canon EOS 7D Mark III:

When the actual 7D was released in 2009, it featured high burst rates thus making the device suitable mainly for beginners. Then the 7D Mark II came out with improved burst rates to 10FPS and improved camera shots. As the 7D Mark III is now getting ready to be released, we are hoping the device to have advanced 4K video support, more megapixels, dual DIGIC 7 image processors, and increased burst rates along with a vari-angle LCD touchscreen.


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2. Canon EOS 5D X:

This is another model from Canon that may show up sometime in 2018. Currently called as the EOS 5D X, it might come with a better 50MP full-frame sensor, the same used in the EOS 5DS as well. But this might have an improved ISO range with burst rates of about 8fps. Besides, there will be a tilt touchscreen display and some improvements in overall performance too.


3. Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II:

The PowerShot G5 X Mark II is another upcoming camera from the brand. Recently, it has given a few updates to some of its previous models such as the high-end PowerShot G1 X Mark III among others. By this, we can guess that the upcoming device will sport improved elements like a 20MP. 1-inch sensor, DIGIC 7 image processor along with some tweaks to its design.


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4. Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera:

Many sources online are stating the Canon is currently working to bring in a full-frame mirrorless camera. If this happens to be true, it might sport use the present lens mount. And the dedicated full frame CMOS sensor will probably be borrowed from the 5D Mark IV, with resolution ranging about 36-38MP. Have a look at few branded mirrorless cameras trending these days.


5. Canon EOS M50:

Another upcoming camera in the list is the EOS M50, which is said resemble with that of the M5. It is speculated to have a DSLR-like design and might sport double zoom feature.Have a look at new canon camera i,e Canon 2000D/ canon Rebel T7 camera to be launched in 2018.


These are some of the advanced cameras we can expect from Canon in the days ahead. Apart from these, you can also consider looking at the 10 best digital cameras to buy right now.Now shoot your videos with more ease with GoPro Hero 6 video shooting action camera.

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