5 Best Writing Apps to Download for Android 2020

January 25, 2020

As we are into the new decade, its the time to start up with some new and amazing features on your Android smartphone. Writing is something that many people tend to consider as a hobby or for professional purposes. Irrespective of the reason you are writing, there is always a need for an assistant to enhance writing skills. It can be something as simple as notes or novels or documents; it should be well written with perfect presentation. And, there is nothing like technology cannot do. We have several writing apps for Android that give you the chance to be more productive. Here, let us look into five best writing apps to download on Android.

Microsoft Word

Almost everyone is aware of the Microsoft word. This popular mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. As it is free to download, almost everyone can start using it right away. Furthermore, the app is integrated with the Dropbox that allows uploading the document created. Its user interface is nearly equal to the PC, which makes it easier to use on PC/laptop. Download the app now to create, edit, view, and share documents directly from your smartphone. The Microsft Word is the best word processing software suitable for every writer. 

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One of the best apps that work well for creative writers is Inkredible. Irrespective of the bigger screens you get, there is no way better than handwriting. And, Inkredible is one such app that is not for typing. Just make it a go with a stylus to have a great experience with mobile writing. Also, add up different paper backgrounds such as graph paper, margins, and more. The super stripped-back user interface gives the feeling of writing on paper than on a digital interface. For those messy scribblers, Inkredible is the one to optimize writing skills. For tablet users, it offers a Palm Rejection feature. 

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Google Docs

The app that comes pre-installed with Android smartphones and can be accessed from any device is Google Docs. It is a cloud-based app that can be used just by signing in with the Google account. Also, it comes in with the support of images, file formats, and text formatting. Google Docs gives the ability to share and write on documents simultaneously. While sharing docs, if you want others to look into something, then notate that part with comments for reference. It is completely free and has no in-app purchases. Google provides a tool for everything, and Docs is one such useful tool to write and edit the document. 

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Want to stay organized even after a whole lot of mess created, EverNote is something you need to try out. It is seriously a great writing app that can help save your to-do list, archives, and other important events. EverNote has mobile and desktop versions. It gives the ability to access files from any device. There are some in-app purchases to prefer if you are looking for some greater functionality. You can use the app to store and organize the information in any format.

Interestingly! The app can sync easily with different social media platforms. Another essential feature of the app is the cloud storage service. 

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Creative writing is vital for every writer. Designed especially for this purpose, JotterPad is another essential app which you can download on Android. It is a next-generation editor that is perfect for writing novels, lyrics, drafts, essays, and screenplays. It features a clean typing interface that allows the user to focus on writing rather than on editing. Just write your heart out without any distractions. It has a built-in dictionary that makes it easier for writing. As it comes in with a dropbox integration, it should work even when offline. Also, Jotterpad saves work automatically, thus avoiding the chance of loss of work suddenly. 

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