5 Best Secured Private iPhone Browsers 2020

January 20, 2020

Secured browsing is what everyone desires! IOS itself is the most secure platform than Android. However, if you are still looking forward to the secured private iPhone browsers, then this article can help you. Here, we provide five best secure web browsers that ensure both security and privacy on your iPhone and iPad. Though the device comes in with a default browser, the fact is that they save all search information to enhance the overall browsing experience. Not all of us prefer to reveal details online. Here comes the need of private browsers that can help maintain anonymity. 

Google Chrome

One of the best web browsers of all the time is Google Chrome. It is a free browsing app available on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices. With every update, Google is trying to make the browser accurate and secure. Moreover, it comes in both PC and mobile versions. Google Chrome offers all those necessary privacy features, including privacy settings, fast browsing, and more. With the sync device options, it facilitates to access and bookmark from a tablet, phone, or PC simultaneously. This feature allows us to pick up from where you left out while surfing. Other corrections tools include Google Voice search and Translation. It is compatible with the devices running on iOS 9 and later versions. 

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Apple Safari

Released in 2003, the Apple Safari web browser is the best private web browser to download on iOS, macOS, and Mac OS X platforms. Though Apple announced the Windows version of this web browser, it was discontinued in 2012. The latest version is the Safari 11 and is now a part of macOS High Sierra. Despite the numerous exploits discovered, Safari is still a reasonably secure browser to download. The current Safari version offers Intelligent Tracking prevention that can identify advertisers that track your online activity.

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Furthermore, it removes the cross-site tracking data that is left behind. The browser warns users about suspicious websites. With the Private browsing feature, Safari is not allowed to remember the user search history. 

Brave Browser

The new Chromium-based private browser to download on iPhone is Brave Browser. Unlike the Tor browser, Brave supports all major platforms. It is secure, lightweight, and works with privacy as a significant concept. The iPhone web browser comes in with a solid ad-blocker and offers HTTPS Everywhere integration. With frequent security updates, you can be ensured of having the latest security mechanism. It can block scripts, cookies, and even browser fingerprinting. Brave offers its users an advanced level of credential setup, thus ensuring to prevent scandals. It is planning to add more entries to the collection of secure add-ons. Overall, Brave is an excellent option for those who are looking for minimalist functionality and can experiment with a piece of software. 

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Red Onion

Access the entire web anonymously along with the zero filtering restrictions using the Red Onion app on iPhone. It can help bypass public, school, corporate, and public WiFi internet filters. Also, you can access different websites on anonymous darknet. Red Onion provides several advanced features, including internet access, tunneled over the Tor network. So, websites will be unable to see the real IP address, bookmarks& history, multiple tabs, passcode lock, search engine integration, and more. The app offers tons of fantastic features as well as allows you to access websites privately without letting others know about your identification. Other unique features include an ad blocker, passcode locker, touch ID support, video to mp3 converter tool, and more. Red Onion is a great app to browse privately over the Internet from your iPhone.

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Puffin Browser Pro

Finally! Puffin Web Browser joins our list of best iPhone web browsers in 2020. It offers a lot of amazing features such as full web experience, incredible loading speed, download to the cloud, adjustable flash quality, synchronize chrome bookmarks, and more. The compressing functionality of the app is efficient enough, thus keeping the page load time to a minimum. It supports Flash pages as in the Adobe flash. Upgrade to the latest version to enjoy reduced server connect time. Puffin is an excellent app for those having resource-limited devices and still want to load up pages quickly. Get ready to have a unique web browsing experience using the virtual trackpad along with a dedicated video player.

puffin browser

Here are best web browsers to install.

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