5 Best Ringtone Maker Apps For Android 2018

August 20, 2018

Whenever we think of an Android phone, the first thing that comes our mind to set a unique ringtone. Though the device comes in with several built-in ringtones, we often look for some trendy options. So, based on our interests, Android gives the feasibility to customize ringtone with the help of ringtone maker apps. It can be either a business-based, occasion-based, horror, nature or any sort, just download these best ringtone maker apps to download ringtones you desire, set notification tones or even the alarm tones. Add your favorite tone to the app and make it as a ringtone for Android phone. Here, you will find the list of applications of the top best ringtone maker app for Android with some unique features. Get to know about every app and download them to manage your ringtone.

Ringtone Maker

The Android app that tops our list of best ringtone maker apps for Android is Ringtone Maker. As with the name, the application can help to set ringtone manually from your favorite sound track. Just select the start and end of the tone to save it as a ringtone. This application is free to download and supports all music formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, MP4, OGG and more. While the free version comes with ad-version, you may even upgrade to ad-free version that adds up some additional features also. Craft the desired tone with the Ringtone maker free download and use it for notification, ringtones or message alerts.

ringtone maker apps

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The most popular ringtone maker app for Android is Zedge. With the availability of thousands of tracks to customize ringtone, the Zedge makes it easier to find the required track by categorizing every music. From theme music, to pop, rock, jazz, devotional and more, you find many categories to select from. Apart from offering ringtone download feature, the users can also download wallpapers and live wallpapers too. Though doesn’t include any special features, still it is best app for ringtones and notification alerts.

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Since its debut in 2008, the Ringdroid is claimed to be one of the best ringtone editor apps for Android. Despite the launch of several other ringtone maker apps, it still sticks on to the top list. Create unique ringtones, set notification alerts from your favorite track or record an audio to make it a ringtone. The Ringdroid is free to download and is completely ad-free. Being an open-source application, the source code is accessible and can be used at anytime. If you prefer to have a contact-based ringtone, then Ringdroid makes it possible as you have access to all your contacts.


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Ringtone Maker- MP3 Cutter

The ringtone maker app that comes in the fourth position of best ringtone maker apps for Android is Ringtone Maker- MP3 Cutter. This app basically works to edit or modify the available music files in the Android smartphone. Additionally, it can be used as a unique ringtone. Furthermore, it allows user to record audio file and renders support to many file formats including MP3, WAV, 3GPP, 3GP, AMR, AAC, 3GP and M4A. So, irrespective of any file, edit the audio file and create your own ringtone for your device. The powerful editing options makes it so popular. It is free to download from the Google Playstore.

ringtone maker apps


Music Cutter

Google Playstore is flooded with several ringtone maker apps. One such app that you must try out downloading is Music cutter. With the support to multiple formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, MP4 and many, you get to choose the ringtone from your favorite music or recorded audio. Since it displays the sound track in wave form, it will be easier to edit the audio file you desire. Though the app is free to download, the ads make it quite disgusting to use. However, the features listed make it to the list of free ringtone maker apps of 2018.

ringtone maker apps

So, this is everything about the best free ringtone maker apps to download. Try installing them according to your phone memory and get your favorite sound track as a ringtone or notification alert. As the Android ringtone maker apps, also check here for 8 great free iPhone ringtone apps 2018. Also read, best free low storage games.

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  • Best Ringtone Maker Apps For Android 2018 are the better options rather than using premium ringtones.by default you get few ringtones which almost every one uses ,which is really insane .with these free ringtone maker apps we can create our own ringtones that too for free.nice blog.

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  • ringtones which come inbuild or which the smartphone brands provide ,you find the common ringtones with evey second person, it becomes difficult to release that actually my phone was ringing , addition to that the ringtones are very boring so its a great idea to create ringtones on your own. i just create ringtones out of movie songs and music which is very pleasing to me .all thanks to Ringtone Maker Apps For Android 2018.

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