5 Best Reminder Apps For Android 2020

February 6, 2020

Often forget essential things? Well! Then you are definitely in need of the reminder apps for Android that can remind the task when the time comes. For whatever reason, reminder apps are quite helpful in getting the job done without forgetting. It can be either your anniversary, birthday, events, pills, medications, or another task. Download these best reminder apps for Android to save some time and get the errands to finish up quickly. Given the fact that there exist numerous reminder apps, only a few gain the best reputation in the market with its easy to access features at no cost. So, if you are sure that you need an app to remind you of certain things, then here are five best reminder apps to download on Android 2020. 

To-Do Reminder With Alarm

One of the simple yet best reminder app to download for Android is To Do Reminder with Alarm. It is straightforward to use such that you can add up tasks quickly to make it remind with alarm. Just continue doing other things; the reminder app tells you when it comes. The only thing you need to remember is to avoid the alarm from working along with the battery saver app. There is every possibility for it to kill the task. Set the repetition time to let it give you repeated reminders. Also, there is an option for early warning. You can even set your voice command as an alarm tone. As all the important dates, including the anniversary, birthdays, or special dates are synchronized automatically, you will get enough time to plan events. With just a few clicks, you can stay relaxed everyday. 


With millions of downloads, Any.Do app joins our list of best reminder app to make you organized so that you never forget essential tasks. Just as another app, it accomplishes the primary task of getting a reminder for specific sorts of functions. Additionally, it features a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use. Besides adding the tasks, one can even manipulate the calendar to organize work. You can also add sub-tasks under the main tasks. Either set a reminder as a one time action or a recurring action. Make a priority list to act accordingly and catch up on the leftover functions with ease. Moreover, access to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri can help add a task from Slack. It supports all major platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, or Mac. 

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BZ Reminder

In this busy world, we often forget many things and end up in unnecessary litigations. Especially in the official environment, we don’t want to miss out on meetings. Why mess up! Download BZ reminder on Android that can remember important tasks even when you are busy. When it is time, you get a reminder on your device. You can also see the reminders on your gadgets, such as a smartwatch. Get alerts on birthdays, anniversaries, events, and more. Even the daily tasks, including medications, can be alerted with the BZ reminder. 

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Google Keep

If you are using Google services on Android smartphones, then Google Keep is the default option you get for note-taking and setting reminders. It doesn’t confuse you with much expertise and is simple enough to use. The best part with Google Keep is it is free to use and also has a web version of the app. So, you can seamlessly sync the reminders across different platforms. If necessary, set location-based reminders, which is quite useful when you need to be reminded based on the specific location. Further, add photos or drawings to make it a more productive tool. It comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone, and the fact is that you never realize its presence and use. 


Wunderlist usually is considered as a toned version of the Todoist. It comes in with similar features but has different color schemes. Give each task a different color, thus allowing us to have a better idea of the to-do tasks. Users can also have a conversation in collaborative tasks; thus can help to coordinate and manage tasks. Furthermore, add photos, PDFs, or presentations to the list. It is something that most of the apps don’t offer. While most of the features are given out for free, you will have to pay a few bucks to collaborate. If necessary, share a task with up to 25 members with the free version. 

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