5 Best Google Docs Alternatives For 2020

January 20, 2020

Google Docs is a great deal in terms of editing and sharing documents online. It provides all those necessary online services, even for those on the move. Despite offering excellent features, not everyone prefers to use Google Docs for different reasons. So, many of us try to look for the best Google Docs alternatives for 2020. They differ in terms of features and other services. Have a look and compare each other to find the best offer. It isn’t very easy to find a universal Grammar Checker Software service. The continuous advancement in technology ensures to make even complicated tasks simple. 

Zoho Office

Of many Google Docs alternatives, the Zoho office is one of the biggest competitors. Just like Google Docs, it offers the user the ability to create a document. Also, it features different editing tools along with the merging options to share ideas. The user interface is simple that any person can access the software without help. Its appealing interface is something that draws everyone’s attention. All the work done in the Zoho Office is compatible with the best presentation software. With the chat option, users can share ideas on the job done. Despite having a poor internet connection, you can continue working with the offline option. 

Google docs alternative

Microsoft Office

Next comes the Microsoft Office Online that joins our list of best Google Docs alternatives. It offers all the features of Google Docs along with some advanced features. As both the software provides some unique features, they go head to head in the competition. For instance, Office Online offers OneNote along with a note-taking app, whereas Google offers a drawing tool right in the office suite. So, why should you choose Microsoft Office over Google docs? The decision ultimately depends on your needs. As Google Docs saves documents in Google Drive, Office Online saves it in OneDrive. Moreover, Office Online is a free alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office suite. It includes all the necessary tools such as Excel, PowerPoint word. 

Google docs alternative

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Here is another best Google Docs alternative offering all the necessary editing and collaborative tools with a nearly similar interface as the Microsoft office online. If you are looking for personal use, then the free version is enough. However, for small to medium businesses, you can prefer having the paid version as it includes tools such as the domain, mail servers, and CRM tools. Using OnlyOffice, you can create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Also, add comments and have a live chat directly with the document. So, stay focused and prevent switching between apps while you work on the document. Another best part of the OnlyOffice is a cloud storage account to save the work done at a single place. With this feature, you can stay connected with Google Drive, OneDrive, OwnCloud, and Box. 

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Quip is another popular Google Docs alternative to download on PC and smartphone. It is an essential tool for everyone who wants to be rescued from those long email chains. Just create a live document and let other edit documents, spreadsheets effectively using chat rooms and discussion threads. Attach the document or spreadsheet to the chat and review it together with a team, thus ensuring transparency. Interestingly! You can also connect to SalesForce account and integrate data with Quip live document. It even allows adding other apps to the live document, including calendars, countdowns, polls, and more. Quip offers a dedicated Android and iOS app to take work wherever you go. 

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Writer 5

Lastly! Writer 5 is another best Google Docs alternatives to prefer. It is, in fact, the latest version of the Zoho writer. Writer 5 relies on automation and AI tools to offer seamless word processing experience from any location. Other notable features include the ability to save a draft to WordPress, insert charts into documents, and add a physical signature to multiple documents. These features make the Writer 5 stand ahead of the competition. Download it on iPhone or iPad to continue using Writer 5 while offline. 

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