5 Best free antivirus for iPhone and iPad in 2018

June 2, 2018

Smartphones play a prominent role in our daily lives. There exist two main platforms for smartphones-one is Android and another is iPhone. Between these two, iPhone is said to be the most secure smartphones in the market. Despite offering enough security, it is still prone to Cyber attackers who always come up with new ways to grab your personal data. So, it is quite important to secure your iPhone/iPad with the best antivirus software that can protect your device from any Cyber attacks. With a wide range of free antivirus app in the markets, you will definitely be confused to find the best antivirus for iPhone 2018. Here we are to help you find the best free antiviruses for iPhone and iPad.

Norton Mobile Security

One of the best security apps that can protect your iPhone or iPad from any malicious activities is Norton Mobile security. It is a free antivirus app that ensures safe browsing features and even alerts the user when a user is about to access any harmful or malicious links. It is available for free download for iOS users on iTunes app. Either protect your mobile phone, back up your contacts or find your stolen device, anything is possible with Norton Security app. Considering all the features given out for free, Norton mobile security tops our list of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.


Avira Mobile security

Though the Avira Mobile security is a bit different antivirus for iPad, still it is known to be the best antivirus software. It is capable enough to offer protection to personal data, account details and secures the device from any threats, trojans, unwanted calls, bad links and more. You have everything that you require in a general antivirus software. The user-friendly interface makes it the best free antivirus for iPad. Offering real-time protection, the app can even detect the location of the stolen device. Sign up now and enter required details to get this free antivirus app. This is the best antivirus for the Apple iPad Mini 3, Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad 2 and other iPhones.


McAfee Security

Since years, McAfee has been serving the smartphone sector offering the best free antivirus software for iPad and iPhone. Being a well-known company, you can be sure of getting the best security with some advanced features. Keeping your mobile secure and free from a virus is just a basic and simple task for McAfee security software. Along with, you have an access to locate your lost device, backup your contacts support secure snap and use a Pin system to unlock photos, albums and any other videos.


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BitDefender Central

Easily manage the iPhone security now with the best free antivirus for iPhone- BitDefender Central. When in danger or threat, you receive instant notifications. This antivirus for iPhone and iPad can remotely control and scan your device in the real-time environment. Don’t worry if you lost your device. There is an app that can allow users to lock and find the stolen device. Get it now as it is an excellent choice for the antivirus software out there.


Lookout Mobile Security

One of the best antivirus apps from the established company is Lookout Mobile security. It has gone all along with Apple to investigate all those security threats for iPhone and iPad. After careful investigation, it has released this best antivirus for iPhone and iPad with simple and easy user-friendly interface. Apart from offering security, the basic version offers many other features like missing device location, jailbreak detection and more. There even exists several other best apps to locate the lost mobile phone. Once upgraded to the premium version, you can get advanced features like Breach report, Theft alert, and an App monitor. For all these best reasons, Lookout mobile security is one of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.


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