5 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android 2020

February 18, 2020

At times, there are specific discussions that go through over the phone that can be considered as a piece of evidence to the claims. Especially to prove all those complicated matters that few don’t agree with. Call recording can handle many such situations. The advanced technology brings in the best call recorder apps for Android for free that can help you prove right.

Recording calls becomes necessary for legal purpose, to get rid of the doubts you are having with few people and more. Google Play is loaded with many call recorder apps for Android that make it is easier to record calls. It comes handy even when you don’t have to have a pen and paper while on call. Let us explore further into five best call recorder apps for Android 2020. 


Almost all of us are aware of the Truecaller as a caller ID app that lets to identify the unknown numbers you receive. Well! The fact it is even the best call recorder app for Android. And it does a great job! That’s why Truecaller lists in the top place. However, to make use of it to record calls, you must prefer the premium plans that cost a few bucks. Yes! It is not free. If call recording can help you in the profession, then it is worth enough to pay for. Before you decide to pay, try using the 14-day free trial. It is essential to take a free trial as not all the Android smartphones support. Try it now to see yourself of how call recording feature works on your device. 

Call recording app

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Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox is a professional call recorder app with an array of features, including the essential call recording feature, cloud back up support, and ability to set the quality of the recordings. It takes you a step further with a lock function for extra security, dual SIM support, and Bluetooth accessory support. The Blackbox has a clean interface that makes it easier to navigate through. And the monthly subscription is not too expensive. Once the recorder app is launched, here are some of the warnings you need to know. It supports one-sided recording on specific carriers and runs in a power-saving mode. Inside the hamburger menu lies in several options to set the call recording quality. Furthermore, you can sort the call recordings according to name, duration, date, and more. 

Call recorder apps

ACR Call Recorder

Another call recorder app for Android to download is the ACR Call Recorder. The first thing to notice is it is free to download. Also, it packs in a massive set of features that make it an outstanding choice. Some of the highlights include the call record quality settings, cloud backup, and more. The simplicity of the app is another major attraction of the ACR call recorder. It doesn’t pack in massive features as the Blackbox but does a great job of call recording. Apart from featuring multiple recording modes, it facilitates easy sharing of calls and easy recovery from the bin. From secure searching facility by name, number, and even notes to automatic deletion of old calls and protecting calls by passwords, it has a lot to offer.

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Cube Call Recorder

The call recorder app that is free and easy to use on Android is the Cube Call Recorder app. It does its best to record all the incoming and outgoing, Skype calls, WhatsApp, Viber calls with a single click. All you need is to click on the on-screen app widget while on call. Upon giving it required permissions, you can easily be able to record calls on your Android smartphone. Apart from recording calls, it facilitates to record the calls of selected contacts automatically. Cube Call Recorder gives the provision to mark specific requests for easier access. 

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Automatic Call Recorder

Here is another popular call recording app to download on Android smartphone- Automatic Call Recorder. Given the features it offers, it is worth to mention it in the list of best call recording apps for Android. The app lets to record every call you receive automatically on your phone. All the recorded files are stored on the device memory. Interestingly, the app doesn’t set any limitations to several calls you record. So, all you need is enough storage on your device to allocate the recordings. It comes in with a Google Drive and Dropbox integration to save the content on the cloud. Although it offers numerous features for free to its users, you get a few bonus features upon choosing the Pro version. It is the simplicity of the app that makes it easier to use and record calls on Android. 

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