5 Best Accessories For Apple iPhone X

December 14, 2017

Apple iPhone X has literally shocked smartphone users in UAE and the entire world when it came out. It was also a big blow to the other phone makers as with iPhone X, Apple has brought in some advanced features, which are out of one’s imagination and expectations.

The demand for this handset is still high and so for its accessories. If you plan to buy this smartphone, make sure to own a few accessories as well as they help you do more with the device. Quite a number of accessories are available for the iPhone X, which may support the Apple’s smartphones of 2018 as well. If you are confused about their selection, check out the details below, which might help you pick the best one.

1. Tempered Glass Screen Protector:
Thinking to safeguard your iPhone’s display screen? Get a tempered glass. This is the perfect way to protect your device from possible scratches, marks or breaks. These screen protectors are made of specific glass, which can endure strong hits and absorbs impacts without affecting the display screen. These are highly resistant to scratches and come with precision cut edges, which makes the best fit for your smartphone.




2. Wireless Charging Pad:
Apple’s iPhone X is among the few devices to come with wireless charging pads. Hopefully, with this in the market, we may not have to depend only on charging cables in coming days. Belkin boosts up wireless charging pad is a better pick especially for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models. It gives up to 7.5-watt power for quick charging. It features an LED charge indicator which keeps updating you on the charging levels.


3. AirPods:
AirPods are a must-have if you are an iPhone user. This accessory gives you the best listening experience compared to many others in the market. Not just with the iPhone X, but you can connect them to iPad, Mac computers, and Apple smartwatches as well. This product features motion accelerometer and optical sensors, which detects if you place them in your ears. Besides, AirPods let you switch between devices, turn on/off automatically and manages over 24-hour battery life.


4. Audio + Charge Rockstar:
The 3.5mm Audio and Charge Rockstar from Belkin is a good pick if you want to both charge and listen to music using headphones with 3.5mm port. Its dual functionality feature allows you to listen to music, take calls or use audio navigation while charging at the same time. Besides, it also supports mic control, remote and compatible with all lightning audio headphones.


5. Apple iPhone X Leith Folio:
The Leith Folio case would be a good choice if you are looking for a phone case that is both attractive and safeguards your device. It is made of a specially tanned and finished European leather that gives a soft feel outside. This product comes with a soft microfiber lining that further keeps your device safe. Apart from your smartphone, this case lets you keep necessary cards, money, and small notes as well.


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