4 New Features Of WhatsApp For Android

April 6, 2019

WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to the app on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Recently, it has revealed a new Checkpoint tipline that helps users to look at the authenticity of data on the app. Moreover, this messaging service has made additions to the forwarded message feature in the beta Android version. In the same version, there are also a few additions like the enabled fingerprint sensor to unlock WhatsApp. Moreover, the app is also currently testing the dark mode that is likely to show up very soon. Hence, here are the four new features that are introduced only on the Android platform.

WhatsApp New Features:

1. WhatsApp Dark Mode:

The Facebook-owned company has already started its tests on the much-awaited feature called Dark Mode. With this mode on, the battery life can be saved up to a great extent and interestingly, this is also said to offer a better experience of phone usage in dark rooms. Sources indicate that very soon, the company will be including this feature to its Android application. It is in the process of updating the app with new features and this dark mode in specific, is currently in the testing stage. A few screenshots were released online which hinted that the app might be using dark grey as the background color, green for the icons and white for the sub-texts.


2. WhatsApp Authentication:

In a move to improve security to the Android beta version, WhatsApp has enabled fingerprint sensor to unlock the application. Users have to update to the 2.19.83 Android beta to get this feature. And to find this, go to Settings menu → Account Section → Privacy. In addition, there are also three options included to lock the app, which is after 1 minute, after 10 minutes and after 30 minutes.

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3. Picture-in-Picture Enhance Mode:

The popular messaging service is also in the process of improving the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode further on the Android platform. It was last year when this feature was added on Android, but then, it came with a limitation of not letting users open chats without closing the video. Hence, very soon, the company will roll out the latest updates to the app, which will be now free from such limitations. This new version will also enable users to play videos even when the application is closed.


4. WhatsApp Consecutive Voice Messages:

As per reports, the other new feature that WhatsApp is going to include is the consecutive voice message. This latest addition allows users to play consecutive voice messages automatically instead of playing voice messages manually. This feature first showed up in the Android 2.19.86 WhatsApp Beta version. It is also in the development stage and will debut in the coming days.


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