3 Easy Ways to Block Pop-up ads on Android Phone

December 10, 2018

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a PC, you make use of the browser to search for the required content. And, the most annoying aspect of any Android browser is the pop-up ads. None of us like to have the ads while browsing a website or an application. In fact, developers are forced to push these advertisements on their website so as to make money from their product. Though the first step we take is to close or ignore when they pop up on the screen. It is not always a good practice to do so as it consumes your valuable time every time the website or an application is opened. How to Block pop up ads on Android? Almost every one of us tried to find out different methods to stop pop-ups on Android. If you are one among them, then here is a guide for you. While there exist many ways to block pop up ads, all you need is a simple and easier method to accomplish the task. Considering these factors, here we listed out three ways that let you get rid of popups and in turn allow you to have an immersive browsing experience.

Method 1: Block Pop-up ads Using Notification Blocker

While working on the Android device, you may easily get prone to the pop-up ads both in the browser as well in different Android applications. As we download and start to use multiple applications, there is every chance to face through those pop-up advertisements that we did not intend for. It is quite hard to block such pop-up ads without gaining root access. So, how to get rid of popups in such cases. No issues! Android features solution for every sort of issue. Through this method, you can easily stop pop-up ads. Download and Install the application “Ad Blocker and Notification Stop”. It is free to download from the Google Play store and will not require any root access to block the pop-up notifications. However, ensure to allow access to notifications to this application.

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Method 2: Block Pop-Up Ads Using Chrome Built-in Options

The most common Android browser that is used for official, as well as personal purpose, is Google Chrome. Since the Android smartphone comes in bundled with the Chrome, you need not to install it separately on your device. Though the Chrome browser holds the capability to block certain pop-up ads by enabling the pop-up blocker on the browser. This requires you to change certain settings so that you never get worried about those annoying ads. Below are the steps to follow to stop pop-ups in Chrome on Android.

Step 1: Tap on the Google Chrome icon to open the browser.

Step 2: Tap on the three vertical dots that is available at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: This displays the drop-down menu. Search for the settings in menu listed and tap on it.

Step 4: From the next menu displays under settings, tap on Site settings-→Pop-ups and redirects.

how to block pop up ads

Step 5: Tap on the switch to disable the option. By default, the options remain enabled. Tapping on it will change it to gray which means it is now in the disabled state. You are now blocking pop-up ads on your web browser. Despite changing this option, you may find some pop-ups running your way.

On Chrome browser, there is even an option to enable data saver mode. Enabling this mode will compress the web page before it is delivered on your mobile phone. During this process, it will remove all those malicious apps or code or any harmful downloads. So, even enabling the data saver mode one of the best ways to stop the malicious software running our system.

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Method 3: Block Pop-Up Ads Using AdLock

Here is another way to get rid of the popups on an Android phone. AdLock is the popular pop-up blocker on Android, that ensures security on the devices by blocking off those unnecessary pop-up ads.

Step 1: First of all, download AdLock on your device. Either choose the 14 days free trial package or prefer to take licenses as suggested. This depends on your necessity to block the ads on the smartphone.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources so as to allow the installation of the applications. Navigate through settings-→Security & Applications-→unknown sources. This differs from one Android device to another. Check for the user manual to know the location of the unknown sources.

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Step 3: Now, install AdLock.apk on your phone. Click on install to initiate the process. You may find the pop-up such as the application may harm your device. AdLock is completely safe to download. So, ignore the pop-up and install the application.

Step 4: Open the AdLock application to enable HTTPS filtering option. This is the only way to block pop-up advertisements from all websites.

In certain cases, we require to get pop-up advertisements from particular websites. AdLock also features to set this option.

how to block pop up ads

Step 5: In such cases, just add the URL of the website to Domain exclusions. Adding this will make the AdLock filter all other websites except the specified URL.

So, do you think that after using any of these methods, you are completely free from the pop-up ads? Well! Not exactly! You may still receive some ads from certain websites. However, if you are a root user then you may have a little more flexibility to get it done. AdBlocker Reborn is one such powerful that not only block ads but also removes the ugly blank spaces that are left behind in the place of ads. Also, you can1 try out to clear cache, cookies, site data from the “history” section so as to get rid of the ads in the short-term.

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