10 Insanely Luxurious Dubai Attractions To see in Dubai

July 11, 2018

A luxurious lifestyle is taken granted in some of the countries, but in some countries like Dubai, they claim it as a part of a lifestyle. Dubai, the city that is also called “The City Of Gold” defines Luxury in its own way. While planning for a Dubai trip, you should probably be ready for all those obscene things on the way. We bet you may never see some of these things once you leave the boundaries of the country. Dubai is a city wherein you get to see some unbelievable scenes that seem to be practically impossible in real-life scenarios. There exists Sheikh-millionaires, Cheetahs, oil wells, gold, diamonds and what not! You will find everything in abundance only in Dubai. With the largest buildings, shopping malls around, man-made islands, gigantic state of art, it is now claimed to be one of the luxurious cities around the world. Here, let us have a roundup of some of the pictures that completely describe the Dubai luxurious life. Well! For few it may seem obscene, still, it is a part of luxury for a few and are the most popular Dubai attractions too. We just got through them and would like to share it with you.

Tiger! As a Co-Driver!

Yes! All those big cats including Cheetah, lions and tiger are considered to be the status symbol for all those wealthy citizens living in Dubai. This one of the exotic means of transport that people prefer and even take them for a ride. And of course! They show off these details on the Instagram, posting pictures along with them. It can be either making them as co-driver or having a dip with a lion. You never have to wonder if you find anything of this sort, especially from the wealthy residents living in Dubai.


Gold Bars From ATM Machines

If you are looking for the Dubai attractions, then you would definitely love to watch gold ATM in the Dubai Mall. Though seems to be a strange thing, all those unbelievable things tend to happen only in Dubai.


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A 1200-Dollar Cupcake

Having a cupcake in regular stores is common. But, have you ever heard of a cupcake whipped with 23-carat edible gold sheets, Italian chocolate, Strawberries dipped in edible gold, and vanilla beans from Uganda. Dubai made it possible by designing a 1200-dollar cupcake by the name Golden Phoenix cupcake. It is now one of the expensive dishes in the world and has become one of the major dubai attractions for the visitors.


A Gold iPad

Do you know, most of the Dubai Luxurious hotels feature Gold iPads to their customers in every room. This is a part of Luxurious living in Dubai and is found in almost all the ultra-luxurious hotels. The famous seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab is one of those hotels that sponsor 24-carat Gold iPads.


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Floating Seahorse

Have a dream to live underwater? Then, experience the Floating Seahorse that has floating rooms submerged in water. If you are one of those adventurous types of person, then never miss out to try something new. It is like a Villa on the island equipped with the latest technology along with all those basic facilities. Never miss out these popular Dubai attractions while you head for living in Dubai.


Wondered about What the regular Police Vehicle Is? It’s A Lamborghini!

Thrill to the chase with the best police cars in the world. Dubai owns one of the fastest police cars that can go 253mph. Nowhere else in the world, you could find the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari as a police car. So, plan to have a selfie when you find a police car.


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A Hotel room With an Aquarium

Living in Dubai, especially in a hotel room filled with fishes is quite exciting! One of those few places that make the visitors sleep with fishes is Dubai. There exists some underwater hotel room that is surrounded by an aquarium and is considered to be a part of Dubai attractions. From boast floor to the ceiling, everything is filled over with the aquarium thus making you feel relaxed.


World’s Heaviest Golden Ring

Though not an epic jewellery piece, still Najmat Taiba is the world’s largest ring of 21-carat behemoth and weighs around 64kg. Studded with a 5kg diamonds along with other precious stones, this gold ring costs around Dh11million. Though an unaffordable price tag for us, still we just can have a glance at this worlds popular Dubai attractions.


Get Camel Milk In Regular Stores

It is quite unusual for the Dubai tourists, but the visitors will get to see the menus filled with the usual ingredient- Camel milk. From camel milk ice creams to chocolates and to cappuccinos, this is one of the unique flavours that has an authentic taste. Make the trip to Gulf so special by experiencing the authentic taste of camel milk.


Dinner In The Sky

Want to have a romantic dinner with your partner high in the sky? Dubai is making it possible for you to enjoy the whole view of the place while having dinner. Sounds crazy right! But this is one of the special dining experience that every one of us needs to try out. Have an amazing experience having dinner at 50m high up in the air and with the variety of cuisines to taste from. It approximately costs around AED 599 per head.


Located between the western world and the Indian sub-continent, Dubai is one of the best tourist places. Luxurious life in Dubai is quite common, especially for the Sheikh-millionaires. The seven-star hotel, traffic crowded with Ferraris, Gold ATM, playing tennis on top of the ocean and many more. Visiting Dubai will let you have a look at these unusual things that we may not be able to see in any part of the world. And Obviously, Luxury comes in with cost and Dubai people never bother to spend.

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  • Superb article and I would really like to thank for your article it’s really helpful.

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  • Dubai is a country of riches and luxuries , it is well known for its popular Dubai Attractions and places to visit. and no other country used such a huge amount of gold , the residents use gold in almost everything to make there lives more lavish .i was shocked to know that gold is used food also this is something beyond imagination. everything is possible in dubai.

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  • Superb article and I would really like to thank for your article it’s really helpful.

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