10 Best Xbox One Games To Play Right Now

January 16, 2018

Since 2013, Microsoft’s Xbox One has come a long way. Last year, it had tasted great success with the Xbox One X, which is currently one of the most popular consoles available in both UAE and worldwide market. The brand offers so many options for gamers to enjoy on their consoles. With Xbox One, in particular, users enjoy great gaming experience, which is further enhanced by the advanced hardware. Besides satisfying the gamers, it also gives tough competition to rivals like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Anyways, considering the games released on the Xbox One in 2017, let us sum up the best ones that it offers.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds:

Needless to say, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shook the gaming world last year. PUBG was one of the best entertaining games of 2017, which is a thriller as well. Players in this game get into a fight, which is better called as a competitive survival battle. Whoever is left alive at the end, comes out as a winner. You can get into the battle either as a solo player or in a team. With so many weapons and loot supplies, the game just leaves you with a thrilling experience.


2. FIFA 17:

Are you passionate about playing soccer? Then get the FIFA 17 standard edition and start playing on your Xbox One console. The game is not just about players, strategies and winning, but also includes the emotion factor that keeps you connected till the match comes to an end. Sureshot, the FIFA 17 immerses you in real life like soccer experience. So wait no longer and buy the game right away at AED199 online price in Dubai.


3. Resident Evil VII Biohazard:

The Resident Evil VII Biohazard introduces you to a new era of horror. This survivor horror video game includes every factor that a passionate gamer asks for like puzzles, exploration and tense atmosphere. With high-level graphics, supernatural themes, and brilliant sound, the game indeed is best enjoyed on the Xbox One console. Available at only AED 229, you can own the game CD of Resident Evil VII and enjoy playing as you desire.


4. WWE 2K17:

Enjoy real life like wrestling with WWE 2K17 on the Xbox One console. It is termed as the most authentic wrestling gameplay ever with a number of new moves, animations, great soundtrack, brawling in the backstage and many more. The powerful Creation Suite is another highlight that lets you create custom WWE Universe with several new features.

45. Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 is a great pick especially for the gamers who love core action. The game keeps you interested till the end with an engaging story, and different environments while bringing in powerful weapons and revealing many secrets as the game goes on.


6. Cuphead:

Cuphead is one of the popular games on the list of 2017 Xbox One games. It is a unique, and interesting based on the classic action platform, which laid the foundations for the present day advanced video games. The game leaves you impressed with spectacular visuals, excellent music, and many other such factors.


7. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus:

Although a simple game, the Wolfenstein II has become a great hit among video gamers. With aspects such as an interesting story, great action, high-level graphics as well as visuals makes you addicted to the game for a long time.


8. Injustice 2:

It’s quite a fun to get into the gameplay of the Injustice 2 on the Xbox One console. This is an action-packed game with several interesting levels bringing up more challenges as you go on.


9. Prey:

Prey is a sci-fi action or in simple, a shooting game that comes with a bold story set up in a dangerous environment. Factors like the use of different weapons and incredible fighting abilities keep the action lovers engaged throughout. In the game, the main player will get the alien powers, who then aboard the Talos I space station.


10. Tacoma:

Tacoma is the other game on our list, which is full of adventures. The story point of the game highlights the future of industries and its workers. Set aboard the high-tech space station in 2088, the story revolves around the lives of the station’s crew and their situations. It is an immersive gameplay with an excellent storyline and advanced graphics, which keeps you playing it again and again.



So, these are our favorite game picks of 2017 which we suggest playing on your Xbox One, which is one of the best consoles for high-level gaming. Also, have a look at the top 5 video gaming consoles of 2017 for additional information on the best consoles.

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