10 Best Video Streaming Apps In 2020

March 7, 2020

Days are gone wherein you need to spend huge on getting CDs to watch your favorite movies. Now, we have the best video streaming apps that let to watch TV shows, movies, and other content online at affordable prices. With tons of video streaming services online, here are some of the best with incredible features such as HDR content, 4K content, and other features. Before reading, please note that some of the apps show up based on the region. However, you will find the majority of the apps available to download on the smartphone in all major regions. Continue reading to know more about the top 10 video streaming apps in 2020. 


One of the biggest video streaming apps to download on Android and iPhone is YouTube. As it is one of the Google services, it comes in by default on your device. It offers movie trailers, music videos, videos, and houses over 40 TV channels of different genres. Also, select live TV feature that is introduced recently to give out fierce competition to other streaming services in the industry. With more than 2 billion active users, YouTube is the streaming giant available in certain regions.

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Amazon Prime Video

Here comes the second-best video streaming app in 2020- Amazon Prime Video. Subscribe to the service to gain access to the library with thousands of series, movies, TV shows, and other content. Stream the content either in HDR or 4K video format. While the free version limits the content, premium membership gives access to all the available stuff. The service costs extra but is an excellent service to stream videos online. 

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When it comes to video streaming apps, Netflix is a must-have app around in the market. Considering its popularity, many smart TVs now come up with the Netflix app. As most of the content is available in Ultra HD format, you need not worry about the quality of video content. Since its content launch in 2013, Netflix has grown enormous and now boasts several award-winning shows such as stranger Things, The Crown, House of Cards, and more. Pick the best to entertain yourself. Give Netflix a spin with a one-month free trial and decide if its worth to pay. 

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Offering access to tons of video content online, Hulu is another popular streaming service to download. It can be either a popular TV shows, movie, anime content, or Hulu original show; there is nothing that you can’t get from Hulu. Join the free trial period now to check the excellency of the services. Once the trial period ends, pay some monthly charges to continue the service. Choosing the highest value packs gives access to live television and other Hulu features. Interestingly, Hulu offers Chromecast support.

video streaming apps

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Movies Anywhere

Despite the new video streaming service, Movies Anywhere still makes it to the list of best streaming service. Get several services under the roof! It further supports Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu, and iTunes. Sign in to the account and get your favorite show. Unlike other streaming services, Movies Anywhere lets to buy original movies. It comes in with Chromecast support as well as 4K movie support. 

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Another great addition to the best video and live streaming platform is Twitch. It works with the main focus on video live streaming and broadcast movies, music, creative content, and more with minimal ads. Activate the Theater mode or full-screen mode to enjoy uninterrupted service. The parental control feature is something to look for as it restricts certain Adult only games and videos. Access the content on smartphones, Xbox, PC, Playstation, and other video gaming consoles. 

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Another leading video streaming app for Android is Showbox. If you are looking for premium range features without any cost, then there is nothing better. It doesn’t even demand to log in or create an account to start using the service. Just download the app to enjoy movies or TV shows without ads. Surprisingly! It still supports HD quality resolution and access to subtitles. Select from a wide range of catalog, and either download to watch later or watch it right away. 

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A TV is just one of the mediums to stream content online. What if you want to listen to music, too, along with the video? Here comes the need for an app offering a wide range of music of different genres — Spotify packs in millions of songs with latest hits, releases, and ever time classical tracks. According to the report, Spotify has over 232 million active users, including 108 million subscribers. As usual, the premium subscribers get access to more features than the freemium account. Though it houses millions of tracks, the songs you will be able to listen differs from one region to another. With the best VPN service provider, you can unblock even the region-specific songs. Based on the device storage, choose Spotify Lite or regular Spotify app. 

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Sling TV

The reliable yet cost-effective solution to the video streaming service is Sling TV. Choose either the Orange plan that supports one stream at a time or the Sling Blue with three simultaneous streaming support. Also, there is an option to choose the combined plan support at $40 per month. The extra add-on comes in with children networks such as Disney XD, Boomerang, and Nicktoons. For comedy videos, pay extra for Comedy package. Sports fans need to add in Sports Extra add-on to view live content on different sports channels. 

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Though not so useful in terms of the streaming quality, the Crackle still makes it to the list of best video streaming services for its price. It offers dozens of films with a primary focus on six categories- comedy, action, drama, horror, crime, and sci-fi. With rotating hit, one month, you will see the Kitsch classic, while the next you won’t notice. Every video streams in standard definition with a tiny ad at the bottom. It is entirely free, but need to bear the popup advertisements throughout the session. 

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