Windows 10: The Best Tricks, Tips, And Tweaks

July 9, 2018

Hopefully, many of us may have already upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 operating system. Though there doesn’t exist any major upgrades over the previous version, still the latest Windows 10 seem to be a mature OS with some great privacy controls and upgraded browser. These handy features with some added Windows 10 tips, tricks and tweaks make it the main reason to upgrade to latest version. With the new OS, you will just feel like spending some quality time with your PC or laptop. While most of the Windows 10 tips are almost known to everyone, there exist some hidden best Windows 10 tips that could mean a lot while working. Have a look at some of the best Windows 10 OS tips & tricks that can help in enhancing the system performance as well as its speed. Let’s dig into deeper aspects of the Windows 10 OS. Once you have the Windows 10 free download latest version,peep into these details to have an immersive experience.

Access Apps From Start Menus

Integrating the start menu is like a great addition to Windows 10. To save some time searching for all the apps on your PC or laptop, just make use of start menu to get the list of all apps in alphabetical order. Moreover, customizing the start menu is now made easier. Easily move and resize tiles. Just click and hold on the desired tile, to move it to the desired location. Resize the tile by right-clicking on the tile and select resize tiles to make it smaller or wider.

Windows 10 tips

Create Virtual Desktops

The ability to create multiple desktops was once possible only with the Mac OS. Now, even the Windows 10 users have this great feature included thus making you create virtual desktops. Click on task view button, next to search, to view the option to create a new desktop. Click on it to create and manage loads of apps.

Windows 10 tips

All New Emojis

Finally! Windows 10 creators made the latest operating system match with the present trend with some native emoji support. To activate emoji keyboard, press Windows key + ;. The recent update added even the auto-correct feature while working on the PC keyboard.

Windows 10 tips

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Make Use of Cortana Intelligent Assistant

As the Apple’s Siri assistant, there is now an intelligent assistant for Windows 10 by the name Cortana. Replacing the taskbar search box with voice, the Cortana can help you to locate all the information with an ease. Jumpstart to search option by shouting ‘Hey Cortana’. It recognizes your voice and gets back to the possible solution.

Windows 10 tips

Your Windows 10 Is Now Touch-Friendly

If you are using a PC or laptop that is touch-friendly, then enable the touch interface of Windows 10, to enjoy the Windows 10 PC in a tablet mode. To enable, Go to start-→ settings-→System-→ Tablet mode.

Windows 10 tips

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Get Fingerprint Access to Unlock PC

Windows 10 is now loaded with a new security feature called Windows Hello. With the appropriate hardware, you can set the fingerprint scanner and face detection technology for your system. To find these options, head to start-→settings-→Account-→Sign-in. Here, you can explore through various bio-metric options.

Windows 10 tips

Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10

Your Windows 10 PC comes in integration with an Xbox One gaming console. To activate the option, search for the Xbox app and tap on the Xbox symbol. Make sure the console is on and is on the same Wi-Fi network. There is even a Game DVR feature that can let to record some clips of Xbox one game. Head to Xbox app and find the settings to set the duration of a clip that needs to be recorded. You could even find settings related to video quality and other additional settings to take screenshots. With the popularity of the screen recorder for Windows 10 free download with audio, this feature of Game DVR feature is quite beneficial.


Get Control Over Notification Alerts

Getting continuous notification alerts on your device? Then manage your notifications and have control over them by enabling Action centre from the Windows taskbar. You can even use Window Cortana to start up Action centre. Just say” Open Action centre” and manage your setting according to your convenience and need.


Well! The above-specified Windows 10 tips & tricks are only a few to specify. Apart from this, there exist several Windows 10 hidden features that you should learn. So, explore through the system to get to know everything about Windows 10 features. To protect the device from viruses, spyware, and malware, Windows 10 comes in with built-in Windows Defender. Check if Windows defender is sufficient enough or need an external virus? If so, then find these 10 best viruses for Windows 10. If you want to use your windows 7 for few more days then try out some cool Windows 7 themes which will change the look and feel of  your screen .learn how to run windows programs without installing windows 7 Best Android Emulators For PC 2018 , How To Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones and Transfer Photos From IPhone To Computer (Mac & Windows PC).

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  • Windows 10 supports many features and it has amazing specifications, it is amazing to know that it is simple and easy to play with xbox on your pc , i am very much impressed with these features of windows 10 .nice blog ny the way i came to know many more advantages of windows 10 .

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