5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018

December 4, 2018

Capturing photos and creating memories are the fond of human beings from ancient times, whether the artistic creation of the famous painters or the crafting of the Pyramids of Egypt all indicates that the storage of the precious moments for a long lasting memory is an old trend. With respect to time, this activity is also digitalized where we have many gadgets available to have the perfect pictures, the evolution of photography has developed many devices, Camcorders, Digital SLR cameras, and Action cameras but this decade was revolutionary in terms of upgrades. The technology has integrated into the smartphones which eventually is the minicomputer in our hands merged with every other routine usage items like Alarm clocks, Wrist Watches, Newspaper and now the Camera is also infused into the mobile phones and tablets. This has brought a lot of feasibility in life that now you are able to click a picture anywhere and anytime. This convenience has turned photography into passion and profession as well whereas, another thing attached with the picture is the sharing factor, as the advances have enabled us to share every picture on social media subsequently brings the risk of misuse and implausibility too.  To prevent or secure the credibility and authenticity of the author or any unpleasant use of the picture thus the solution is watermarking however, professionals do have dedicated software for the editing and watermarking but individuals who click and share pictures through smartphones or tablets can also mark their photos using the free watermark apps available so there won’t be any threat or hesitation of unethical or unauthorized usage of the images. This article is comprised of the 5 best watermark apps for the Android devices 2018.

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5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018

iWatermark Free

The first in the list of free watermark apps is the iWatermark Free promises the enhanced functionality which enables you to add a watermark in multiple pictures simultaneously.  It has two options either use the already clicked pictures from gallery or click through the camera and add the watermark by uploading it into the app, protects the pictures or artwork using a QR watermark or a visible text/graphic. This free watermark app is designed by the company Plum Amazing which ensures you to add your personal signature and touch into your creativity, vanishes hesitation of the sharing factor. Moreover, it has also the constituents of funny graphics or caption to any picture.

5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018

Photo Watermark

The second spot is captured by the Photo Watermark app, the efficiency of this top watermark app is that it allows you to watermark your picture in the trendy way however the position of the watermark can be anywhere on the image. Usually, there are only limited functions on the free watermark apps for android available hence this app could be considered as the best with the multiple features including various designs, resizing, repositioning, stickers, colors, font sizes and transparency to create a perfect watermark.  Although it enables you to predefine your own watermark.

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5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018

Add Watermark Free

The creator of this free watermark app is AndroidVilla, providing an accurate and reliable solution for the watermarking through Play Store.  The usage is also made compatible and supportive for the single photo editing or multiple photos. Other features include a variety of text colors, fonts, effects and filters to rejuvenate the personalized touch in the watermark, timestamps, GPS tags, and other data as text watermarking eventually making it one of the best free watermark app of 2018. The reusable features also add the convenience to again share the recent watermark texts.

5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018


Here comes the best free watermark app 2018 with all the latest features and upgrades not only the watermarking but it comprises of all the powerful editing tools, so need to switch apps as it is a one-stop solution and a complete package. The developer of the app is Riley Cillian, who targeted to propose an app with all the essential features required for the picture personalization including watermarking, location, mood, theme, timestamp, captions, hashtag, user ID, weather and more. Additionally, it has more than 400 stickers, over 100 themes, and 10 gorgeous filters.

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5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018


Interestingly the final place is taken by the top watermark app Salt as it is not only designed for the watermarking but it possesses features of the tight protection, can be used as a professional watermarking app in businesses for the unethical or unauthorized use of images by any source. This app helps to integrate the company’s logo or watermark with the professional look and structure eventually the professional appearance will gain and enhance the identity for the brand. Other features of Salt watermark app include adding up the contact details to build new customers and protect pictures. SALT is available for free, however, will need to pay for the more advanced features.

5 Best Watermark Apps for Android Devices 2018

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