5 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android in 2018

December 6, 2018

Smartphones act as a primary device for every one of us as it lets to take or make calls, send or receive messages, access important details, and even keeps you entertained with music, videos and more. Instead of investing in the music players, people now tend to use a smartphone to listen to music, watch videos while traveling, driving, cooking or at any time you intend to. There are at times where we need to listen to music in a crowded place or watch the video with a group of friends. As the Android smartphone comes in with a restricted volume threshold, you may not be able to enjoy music at higher sound levels. Volume boosters are the best solution in such case as they increase the volume of the device beyond the normal level. Considering the importance, here we have listed out some of the best volume booster apps that you can download it right away.

Volume Booster Pro

One of the free volume booster apps that ensures to boost the volume of Android smartphone is Volume Booster Pro. The easy to use interface is one of the added advantages of this application. With a single tap, the user gets to boost and adjust the volume instantly. Either put it on mute or get back to the normal sound using one tap. It features beautiful UI that offers the users with multiple options. Download it now to control the music, system sounds, and alarm. So, with the loud volume app, you can boost the volume of each application or feature individually.

volume booster apps

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Easy Volume Booster

The Android app that best works as a loud volume app as it lets to increase media volume as well as system volume significantly is Easy volume booster. One of the interesting and distinct features of this loud speakers app is its ability to sync with the Android system equalizer to boost the sound quality. It works with both the headsets on or even on speakers. If you are missing out the alarm tone because of the less volume, then adjust the alarm volume individually. It features a simple UI that is quite easy to understand and there exists separate icons for music, alarm and ring volume thus making it easier to change accordingly.

volume booster apps

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Volume Booster By GOODEV

Of the numerous easy to use volume booster apps available around in the Internet world, Volume Booster by GOODEV is one of the best and most popularly used apps. It is specifically designed for Android smartphones to enhance the volume level and is proven to be quite a useful choice for music lovers. So, if you are in a crowded place, on a business trip or in rush hours, don’t get distracted from your favorite music or call. Enjoy the music at the maximum volume or watch the video using a headset. It is capable enough to increase the volume by 30%. This program can be used for free for 6 days. Thereafter, users need to buy a full version of the application.

volume booster apps

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The most commonly used method to enhance the sound quality of an Android smartphone is to use Equalizers. It makes the phone ring sound louder and there also exists the frequency sliders that can tame any distortion that might appear. The Equalizer allows you to choose from 11 preset sound profiles. However, if you want more then upgrade to Pro version that lets to create your own. Also, use the feature of Bass boost that works great with the high-quality headphones. It may set some limitation while working with the phone speakers.

volume booster apps

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BlackPlayer Music Player

One of the ultimate music player apps that can best work as volume booster app for Android device is BlackPlayer Music Player. It features five channel equalizer that allows tinkering with audio output feature. Also, enjoy the sound effects feature that comes in with this player that contains the option of Amplifier settings to boost volume by up to 4 db. This can definitely enhance your listening experience. Apart from Amplifier setting, this app also allows to boost the bass, control the sound or use it as a virtualizer. It is one of the best handy apps that can be used either with headphones or with external speakers.

BlackPlayer Music Player

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