Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

December 28, 2018

The high competition in the world of technology is bringing some new gadgets and turning everything smart. The replacement among the gadgets is also observed during these years as we have seen walkman, audio players and cameras all have become instinct with the new arrival of smartphones. These are integrated with all the basic electronic features eventually turned the basic communication mobile into the smart device and captured the place of every essential gadget in our life. With more advancement, we can witness another improved and advance substitute for the smartphones as well which is also tiny in size conversely that is smartwatches. The fact cannot be ignored that at present smartwatches are not in a highlighted gadget or purchased by the majority of users, but it is one of the smallest pieces of consumer wearable tech available moreover, it is growing year by year as well. However the year 2019 is expected to witness a few of the ultimate smartwatches. This article is compiled of the detailed information about the upcoming best Android smartwatches in Dubai.

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Best Upcoming Smartwatches Android 2019

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

How come the Samsung smartwatches anticipation ignored, the release of Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm is the treat for the sore eyes with its ultimate legendary look and high-end features. For the year 2019 it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 might include an in-display fingerprint sensor with next flagship Galaxy S smartphone range, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, set to launch at the Mobile World Congress trade show in February 2019 however, these futuristic Samsung smartphones might not be the only device that includes this nifty new technology, which allows gadget owners to place their finger onto a glass display to authenticate their identity. According to a new patent filed by Samsung, the fingerprint sensor would be embedded in the lower half of the smartwatch display. Samsung hopes to integrate a fingerprint scanner beneath LCD, LED, OLED, and e-ink panels of Samsung smartwatches by retaining most or all of the features found on the Samsung Galaxy Watch including circular display, rotating bezel, GPS, a heart rate monitor and NFC, along with tracking for various sports, sleep and stress. It’s possible that Samsung will switch to Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch 2 rather than sticking to the Tizen especially as Google’s smartwatch operating system has a healthier app ecosystem. Moreover, we might witness the Samsung Galaxy Sports smartwatch in 2019 too as the successor of Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch with 4GB of internal storage and Bixby smart assistant for the first time.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

Microsoft Surface Watch

We have seen various products and devices from Microsoft. It is the brand with the constant reliability factor. One of the lacking we can notice in the smartphone manufacturing by Microsoft, however, there are many top class laptops being introduced by it. For the smartphone, we do expect the Andromeda folding phone or Surface phone in 2019 and with that, the speculations are being made about the  Microsoft smartwatch Android release as well. The rumors also circulating that a prototype is already in the testing phase but we do concern about this smartwatch price. As per the news and leaks, the watch will come with an Oxynitride Aluminium body. There are more possibilities of the watch to be available in a square design rather than a circular one.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

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HTC Halfbreak

HTC smartphones might be having the tough time because of the huge variety in the smartphone world but the industry of smartwatches in UAE waits for the HTC Halfbreak smartwatch. Whereas, in 2017 the leak images of HTC smartwatch intrigued the fans and speculation being made that it might release in the year 2018 with the next flagship HTC U12 Plus.  The latest rumor reveals that this watch will be made available in the market by 2019 and by the leaked image it will incorporate a circular dial and will run on Android wear platform. It will sport an OLED screen, and in the below part of the watch, a logo of HTC and Armor brand would be featured. There is a chance of some touches by Armor brand. We are not yet confirmed that Halfbreak is the official name of the watch or is a sort of codename. No further information is there about the watch, but it will pack a heart rate sensor at the bottom. As per now, it looks like the watch will be made available in Black and Red color scheme as visible in the images. This would be a refreshing comeback by HTC in the wearable after facing the downfall in smartphones.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

Google Pixel Smartwatch

Google has made it clear that it rules in every aspect of the technology whether it is software, hardware or devices. The release of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is the proof that Google is not behind. The speculations, news, and rumors clearly indicate that we are about to see Google Pixel smartwatch Android very soon. Google is working on more than one smartwatch with the codenames of Angelfish and Swordfish. As per the recent leaks, the Pixel watch named as Angelfish will come in the sizes of 42mm and 46mm sizes. This strategy is very similar to that of Apple’s watch, though there is no major information about the Swordfish watch from Google. The two watches will have features like GPS, LTE support for connectivity. The watch will run on the Android Wear 2.0 OS update, which is the Android-based operating system designed for wearable devices. The predictions reveal that we will soon see the Google Pixel smartwatch in 2019 and would be one of the best android smartwatches.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

Motorola Moto 360 3 (3rd Generation)

Motorola has first presented its Moto 360 sports smartwatch and after that the Moto 360 2nd Generation smartwatch was a bombastic revelation subsequently now the potential customers in Dubai awaits for the Motorola Moto 360 3 (3rd Generation). Earlier it was expected in 2018 but due to some reason Motorola has delayed its official launch, and they may be bringing it back in 2019. The much anticipation also rises as Motorola has merged with Lenovo and we do expect some futuristic integration or touch of Lenovo in the new best Android smartwatch of Motorola. The speculation is that it will run on the Android Wear 2.0 and will sport a 1.40 (inch) Screen with a resolution of 420 x 360 pixels, protection of Gorilla Glass will also be there. It may come with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, powering it will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 chip. It will have all significant sensors including heart rate, temperature, magnetometer, etc. The watch is rumored to have a 630mAh battery which will deliver 25% better performance as compared to the previous series Motorola smartwatches. For connectivity, it will offer features like GPS, NFC, Bluetooth v4.1, etc.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

OnePlus Watch

We cannot ignore the fact that OnePlus smartphones are incredible with the very reasonable price tag, infused along the latest features.  OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are considered to be the best smartphones of 2018. With this image, there is also the rumor that OnePlus is about to launch a smartwatch Android in UAE with the competitive smartwatch price. OnePlus will come with its smartwatch in the year 2019 because all major brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, and Apple are already there and OnePlus is known for its aggressive pricing which means that this best smartwatch might come with a reasonable and appealing smartwatch price tag and would be considered in the list of best smartwatches of the year 2019. No leaks are being dropped but it is predicted that the OnePlus smartwatch will possess a circular dial design with sensors like Heart rate, step count, etc. It might come with water and dust resistant technology along with a metal body build.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

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Sony Smartwatch 4

Sony has impressed with its Sony Smartwatch 3 earlier in 2018 and with that, the high hopes for the Sony Smartwatch 4 2019 arise. The rectangular dial with the high-end specifications from the predecessor is expected but there is no authentic or official update about the Android smartwatch. For one of this best Sony smartwatches, the other predictions include sensors like Heart rate, Step count, etc. and IP67 rating for its physical protection. Though nothing has been revealed about the specs and design according to us, it might render a metallic design with basic connectivity features like NFC, GPS, etc.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

Other Watches:

Not only the smartwatch Android are in demand but the iOS Apple smartwatch has also much anticipation for the year 2019, however, the Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiamoi are going to launch its best Android smartwatches in 2019. As per the prediction Honor Watch Magic 2 and Huawei Watch 3 articles have all the detailed rumors, news, and leaks. However, the upgraded version of Xiaomi smartwatch is also expected in 2019.

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Apple Watch Series 5

The success of Apple Watch Series 4 indicates towards the Apple Watch Series 5 in Dubai and globally. The year 2019 would be the year of Apple smartwatch, but we know that it won’t be an Android smartwatch and would function on the Apple iOS. The latest Apple Watch is fast enough to manage any tasks you add, but the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 will have a better and improved chip inside with more RAM capacity. Apple Watch Series 4 improves on the same and is more independent which means that it is less dependent on the iPhone and can work without the need of having a phone connected all the time. The Series 5 will continue to improve on this front. The upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 will have the hardware to monitor sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories burnt, steps count, etc. Rumors suggest that Series 5 will be a stand-alone device and it ensures that it will be one of the best smartwatches ever.

Best upcoming smartwatches Android 2019

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