How To Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

July 12, 2018

Being an open-source operating system, Android users can never stop themselves from optimizing, tweaking or changing the settings of internal specifications of a smartphone or tablet. People always tend to install new custom ROM, root the device or even customize the handset. Before the user attempts to change any settings, it is mandatory to unlock bootloader. Now, the point that is running in your mind is What is bootloader? And why is it to be unlocked? How to download and install Android unlock bootloader app? Well! In the same manner, we understand that there are several questions rolling over. We are here to make you understand everything about the bootloader.

What is bootloader?

An Android smartphone in your hand means you have access to many software programs and one such software that resides in the device is bootloader. It gets started when the device is powered on so as to activate the appropriate OS. Be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or any device that is running on the OS, this is the common software to initiate the right OS. It determines where to run Android when to apply recovery mode and many more. Most of the smartphone manufacturers lock the bootloader feature and let only one OS to run on the device. However, this is not the case with all other manufacturers as they even introduce it by releasing the bootloader. While the basic steps to unlock bootloader remains the same for all the manufacturers, there exist some differences in the way they are being implemented. With the Android unlock bootloader app, you can unlock bootloader thus can install any unauthorized software. Though the locked bootloader isn’t a problem to consider, still it is quite exciting to learn that there exists another layer of protection every time when the phone is started. So, for those people who want to get more from Android devices, unlock bootloader to get the most of Android.

Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

How To Unlock Bootloader?

In order to make the users stick on to the Android OS version, manufacturers tend to lock the bootloader feature by default. Almost all the device manufacturers further render their support to unlock bootloader. The process to unlock bootloader Motorola is same as to unlock bootloader Samsung, unlock bootloader Huawei, and unlock bootloader Sony. However, there are some devices that never allow to unlock bootloader apk. If you are looking to root the device using Kingroot APK latest version download, then here are some steps to unlock bootloader that can make the rooting possible. Before proceeding with the process, make sure to backup all the important data. As the unlocking process can completely delete the data. So, maintain a backup of photos, videos, files, app details and other important information. After you backed up all the data you require follow these below steps to unlock the bootloader on Android device. Once you get an unlock code, your device will no longer be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

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Pre-Requirements to Unlock Bootloader

– Backup entire data like photos, videos, files, folders, documents and other important information.
– Install USB drivers on the device.
– Enable USB debugging and also the developer’s option.
– Make sure there is minimum 60% battery left.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader

Step 1: Get the latest version of ADB file installed as this is the main command tool that acts as an interface to your device.

Step 2: Now that you got USB drivers, ADB file, and Android SDK files, make sure if it properly installed. To do so, just restart your handset and plug into the USB cable. Open the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK and click Shift + right click. Open a command prompt and run “Adb devices” command.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging by heading to settings-→About Phone-→tap on “Build Number” several times until it says that you are a developer.

Step 4: Go to main settings page-→scroll down for developers option-→ enable “OEM unlocking” to unlock bootloader Samsung. This option is available only for a few devices. Not all devices require you to select this OEM unlocking. Enable “USB debugging” with the required password if necessary.

Step 5: Get an unlock key by heading towards unlock bootloader Motorola page. Get your device ID by choosing the device and create an account. From here the process to unlock bootloader differs depending on your phone. Don’t worry, the manufacturer site will guide you through the entire process.

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Unlock Bootloader Samsung

Step 1: After enabling USB debugging, plug the device to PC via USB cable.

Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

Step 2: Open the superboot folder. This appears only when the phone is operated in fastboot mode. Later hold the shift key down and right click on any area.

Step 3: Open command prompt window to type adb-windows reboot bootloader.

Step 4: To unlock, fastboot-windows OEM unlock.

Unlock bootloader Motorola

Step 1: The basic process for unlock bootloader is the same until enabling the USB debugging. After it, restart the device in ADB mode. To do so, press, hold the volume down key along with power key for 5 seconds. After that release, the power key, but still keep pressing the volume down key until you see ADB mode on the screen.

Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

Step 2: Connect the device to PC to download ADB and fastboot tools. Once downloaded, install the tools to see the command window.

Step 3: In the command window, type fastboot devices and press enter to see the list of Android devices connected to the computer.

Step 4: Type in another command fastboot OEM get_unlock_data to get the unlock data that you need to copy. Right-click on the window and select Mark. Select whole data string with the mouse and left click to copy.

Step 5: Paste the data into the notepad and remove all spaces. Now, open Motorola official unlock bootloader website and sign in to the Motorola account.

Step 6: Paste the entire string to the Field #6 and click on “Can my device be unlocked”. Once you click on “I Agree”, Motorola sends you an unlock key code to registered mail ID.

Step 7: Copy the unlock code and open command prompt to type fastboot OEM unlock and paste the code here. Once done successfully, the unlock bootloader Motorola device process is done and your device reboots automatically.

Unlock Bootloader Huawei

The process to Unlock Bootloader Huawei & Honor smartphones is the same as the process to unlock bootloader Motorola. Just get the 16-digit bootloader unlock code From Huawei official website by following the same steps. Once done, type “fastboot reboot” to run the device in normal mode.

Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

Unlock Bootloader Sony

Before proceeding with the unlocking process, first, make sure your handset is supporting this feature of unlock. To check, just type in *#*#7378423#*#* to get access to the service menu. Tap on Service info-→ Configuration-→Rooting status. If you find bootloader unlock allowed option as Yes then continue with the process.

Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

Step 1: Enable USB debugging and install device drivers and platform tools

Step 2: Switch off the device and connect the device to a computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: On Sony device, press fastboot key at the same time while you connect another end to USB cable.

Step 4: Once connected, open a command window to type fastboot devices. Also, go to the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK folder.

Step 5: To get an unlock key, enter the command OEM unlock and the unlock code that you received from the official website.

Step 6: Done! You have now unlocked the bootloader on your device.

Once you are successfully done with the on-screen instructions, then you should see a message displaying bootloader is unlocked. Before performing any actions on the device, make sure the device to boot into Android. Now that you have unlocked bootloader, you gain access to almost everything.

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  • Users who own an Android device can’t stop from tweaking, changing, customizing, and optimizing the internal system and OS, such as install a new custom ROM, backup system data, customize Android device, root the device and so on. Before any tweaks and tricks, the first thing an user should do is to unlock the bootloader of Android device.

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  • Unlocking your Android phone’s bootloader is the first step to rooting and flashing custom ROMs. And, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually fully supported on many phones. Here’s how to unlock your bootloader the official way. android unlock bootloader app are available on internet .

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  • An Android device consists of several pieces of software, which include the bootloader, radio, recovery, and system. The bootloader is the first piece of software that is run when your device turns on. It decides whether to load the recovery, or load Android and the unlock bootloader app are the best use.i use unlock bootloader samsung for my smartphone.

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  • Android geeks often unlock their bootloaders to root their devices and install custom ROMs. But there’s a reason devices come with locked bootloaders – unlocking your bootloader creates security risks.but not in every case, if you are aware of rooting and unlock bootloader your android smartphone then give a can customize your device in just few clicks.

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  • By unlocking the bootloader one can unlock numerous restriction applied on your devices by the developer or the brand. you can setup your own security features by unlocking the bootloader in android phones.It is not a big deal with Unlocking Bootloader of your android smartphone , its too simple just few changes to be made to your existing setting and the work is done ,bootloader will be unlocked

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  • By unlocking boot loader one can have access to all software which mean end to all limitations.and the process of unlocking boot loader is simple and is described in a best way in this blog.nice blog ,very informative.

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  • Unlocking Your Bootloader Is How You ‘Root’ Your Phone. A locked or unlocked bootloader is what gives you access to root. If you root a device, it means you have “super user” access or “administrator” access to the operating system that runs on your phone. Nice Blog .As the procedure is clearly mentioned we would like to try out this.

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  • wow this is something new to be ,i dint know about the bootloader before.i had no idea about how and why someone should unlock the boot be honest this blog was really enlightening and informative. thanks and great job.

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