Uber Air Taxi Services Might Commence In 2023

May 14, 2018

Uber is one of the most popular taxi services of today that made traveling quite easy and comfortable to frequent commuters. Currently, the news is doing rounds about this US-based company that is said to be testing flying cars at the Dubai’s Expo 2020 event.

Based on the sources online, Uber has presented its prototype for an electric flying taxi ahead of the Uber Elevate Summit event that took place in Los Angeles. As of now, this flying service would be called “Uber Air.” The company plans to build and rooftop launching pads to halt these machines.

Sources suggest that the tech giant has already started searching for an international city to commence Uber air taxi operations.

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The company has mentioned that it would require partnering with about three launch cities in order to introduce the UberAIR taxi service to market.

Last year, the three cities – Dubai, Dallas and Los Angeles were selected for launching this service. However, the company is now said to be searching for an international city to make it as the third partner.

If everything goes as planned, these will be the three cities from where the commuters can take Uber air taxi Dubai or flight services. The tech giant in a statement said that it aims to test the flights by 2020 and if possible start the commercial operations by 2023. Some reports also state that the services will be available by 2028.

Moreover, the company has also reopened its selection process of considering other cities, which it finds suitable to its criteria. Uber is in search of such cities that can represent how flying taxis can help the traffic congestion issues in urban areas.

According to the sources, Uber wants to select those cities that have a population of at least two million. A city with dispersed population hubs and an airport that can be reached within an hour from the city’s center. With these parameters in mind, Uber has selected Dubai as the third possible city to partner with, initially. However, considering the interest in other cities, the company is now searching for other international locations.

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A spokeswoman was quoted as saying, “Dubai has previously expressed an interest in (Uber’s) vision but we are broadening the pool given interest from other cities which is why we have launched this criteria and process.” She further added to the statement that the company will continue discussing with Dubai in this regard.

Meanwhile, there are also other companies such as Airbus, Kitty Hawk, and Boeing that are planning to launch flying taxi services. Hence, when it comes to the Uber air taxi launch in UAE, there is no information about it yet. Moreover, it is even too soon to guess the Uber air taxi price in UAE as the service is still in the testing stage. But if estimations are made, the Uber air taxi price in Dubai might come to around AED 6.76 per passenger mile.

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