Top 5 Free Malware Removal Tools of 2018

June 13, 2018

PC being the prominent device in doing everyday tasks at the office, or home, it is quite important to keep it protected. We never know when your PC or laptop is prone to Cybercrime. It is not just the Antivirus software that can safeguard your device, getting malware tool for PC is equally important. Being such a prominent, here we listed out few best free Malware removal tools of 2018 that ensure to remove malware from your laptop, PC or any device. Apart from malware, these tools can even help you out in stopping spyware, adware and any other viruses. So, protect your PC now from malware that is capable enough to hit in any form like viruses, ransomware, worms, trojans and more. Pick your choice of best free Malware tool to remove it effectively and completely.

BitDefender Malware Removal Tool

The Anti Malware tool that tops the list of the top free malware removal tools for 2018 is BitDefender Malware removal tool. While other software concentrates on dealing with the infection, this tool is a bit different as it completely stops the malware to enter the system. BitDefender Malware removal tool 2018 is a powerful anti-malware engine that can prevent malware and even takes care of existing malware. One of the important aspects is its ease of use. Just drag and drop on the file to begin the scanning process. Before downloading, the scanning process automatically starts and can even test web pages before you get the result. Being rich in features, the BitDefender Malware removal tool is not compatible with all other Anti-virus programs.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Tool

One of the best-known malware removal tools available in the market is Malwarebytes. It will never miss out to destroy any harmful malware heading nearer. The real-time scanning feature let it trawl over the system and detects for any malicious threats automatically. Just install this free malware removal tool to get real-time protection. While the free version is available for the first 14 days, you may need to pay a minimal cost for the yearly subscription.


HitmanPro Malware Removal Tool

The ideal Malware removal tool that can be stored to your flash drive is Hitman Pro. Removing Malware was never been so easy as with this best free Anti-Malware tool. If you find your system infected with Malware, or if your system found to be slow, then you are definitely in need of HitmanPro that is perfect for your system. Furthermore, it doesn’t require you to install it on the computer. It can be started directly from the external device or the USB flash drive. Moreover, it contains several other additional utilities that can protect your PC and laptop from viruses and Malware. Once started up, immediately it starts out to check for malware thus preventing it to harm your computer.


SuperAntiSpyware Tool

The free Anti-malware tool that can detect any malicious software including the adware and spyware is SuperAntiSpyware tool. Apart from detecting, the software can delete the malicious programs. Though the program may not be able to handle all types of viruses, at least it holds the capacity to detect plenty of viruses. It is completely straightforward and lets users select either quick scan, custom scan, Complete scan or critical point scan. The full scan may take longer time but can detect all those critical threats. Furthermore, the program has additional utilities that can perform the selection of repairs that need to be done if any damage is found by malware. As it is highly recommended, install it now to make it a desktop icon.


EmsiSoft Malware Removal Tool

The collection of programs included in the EmsiSoft Malware removal tool requires no installation to scan for malware. Scan for viruses, trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, or any other malicious programs with an ease of using the best free malware removal tool. This portable app renders best tech support that comes handy especially while your system is infected with malware. It can be used just with a USB drive or can have it on a cloud storage. However, the only drawback is it takes around 519MB of space which is a bit more and even generates log files. Maintain and let your system be clean from malware using this popular malware tool.


Apart from keeping your PC or mobile phone free from virus and malware, check out these tips to keep your smartphone secure. Also, read 5 best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad 2018 and Top 10 Best AntiVirus For Windows 10.Know more about trojan virus and its impacts on your computer so that you can know how to remove trojan virus.

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  • EmsiSoft Malware Removal Tool includes the powerful Emsisoft Scanner complete with graphical user interface. EmsiSoft Malware Removal Tool Scans the infected PC for Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers and other malicious program. inshort i does all the required job to protect your device.

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