Top 5 Best Software To Convert Text to Speech 2018

June 1, 2018

For whatever reason, text to speech software is always useful and make things easier for you. It further saves your quality time that you take daily in reading the entire context either online or offline. It not only takes time but is strain enough to read sitting in one place and staring at the system continuously. Here comes the need of text to voice software that read it aloud for you. So, you need not sit for a long time to read in the digital context. Just use this software to read it for you loudly while you can handle remaining tasks. There even exists some voice recognition software that can convert the audio files into the text format. Here let us have a look at some of the best software that can convert text to speech efficiently.


One of the best free text to speech software that gives you the feasibility to choose from 6 different languages is Balabolka. There are several reasons that make it the best among many. First thing is it’s easy to use interface. It allows you to just copy, paste the text that should be read out. You can even choose from different documents formats like PDF, HTML, DOC or more. Customize the sound level that is required by adjusting pitch, sound and speech. This free text to speech software features the bookmark facility thus you can start off reading the context from where you stop off. This is one of the best features that you normally not find in every text to speech software. Furthermore, it comes with several other additional features like the ability to convert files to different formats, extract text from audio files and many more.


Natural Reader

The natural easy to use software that can read any form of texts like Ms-Word, PDF, e-mails, web pages and more is a Natural reader. While the basic features are given out in a free version. Upgrade to the paid version to enjoy the advanced features. It includes batch file converter, conversation control, sync with Android and iPhone apps and many more. The paid version of a Natural reader can convert the text into an audio file thus making you listen at your convenience. Another additional feature of the Natural reader is Optical Character Recognition. It can convert the printed characters on your camera or scanner into digital text and further allows you to listen through headsets. You can even edit the digital text in a separate word-processing program. Download it now to experience the high-quality text to speech solution online.



Download the latest version of TextAloud free to listen to text content from email, reports, documents, web pages and more. Reading long articles especially for those who are interested to read blogs, articles, novels or anything is quite tedious. As it requires strain, effort and concentration. It is better to listen than to read. TextAloud is one such text to speech software that is capable enough to read the text aloud for you. Apart from reading it loud, it makes the entire speech into an audio file thus making it accessible at any time. The beauty of TextAloud is it keeps all the audio file sizes to the minimum. So, it can save the audio file of an entire novel in less than 1MB space. You can even adjust the tone and speech of the voice in order to improve the overall quality. With the easy to use interface, the user can now take complete advantage of a simple classical menu or the graphical toolbar. It is further given the feature of spellcheck that auto-corrects your context and spells out promptly. Before upgrading, try using the trial version to understand the software. While browsing for the best text to speech software, here are the 5 best Android browsers for your device.

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Panopreter Basic

The powerful text to speech converter as well as text to MP3 converter is Panopretor Basic. It can read characters, articles, words, aloud and even converts the speech into audio files in MP3 and Wav format. You can try out the free text to speech version of this software for 30 days. After that, you can get a license to get advanced features of the software. The software is capable enough to read any natural voice and convert it to the audio file so that you can read it at your convenience. Users also have the flexibility to adjust the volume, pitch and speech level of the voice. Since the word of a sentence will be highlighted while reading, you can know where the context is stopped and where to start from again. It further extends supports to a wide variety of languages and voices, batch file conversion and a wide range of Windows versions too. There exist the basic player controls to handle those playback duties. Its pronunciation capability can even enhance your communication skills by letting you know the correct pronunciation. This the best startup text to speech software for the beginners.



Though doesn’t have all those fancy features, still it is considered to be the best text to speech software. Thanks to the best UI that lets even the newbies easy to process. Verbose can read aloud text of different formats including PDF, Docx, TXT, HTML, and RTF. Just sit and relax, verbose does the reading part for you. It is one of the great tools for slow readers or for the people who are suffering from reading disorders. Prepare yourself for a big speech by knowing the correct pronunciation. While reading aloud, this text to speech software can save it as an audio file in MP3 or Wav. Understand the minimum system requirements required to get this software and get it right away to get the benefits of Verbose text to speech software.


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