8 Tips To Enhance Security On Android Smartphones

January 25, 2018

Just adding a PIN or password is just not enough for safeguarding your Android smartphone or any other device. The ever-evolving technology has both positive and negative sides as well. The advanced technology not only introduces us to new features but also has a high risk of exposing all our information like details of email accounts, pictures, social media and other documents. Keeping in view the concerns growing regarding online privacy every day, we suggest you a few tricks that can help boost the security levels on your Android phones price in Dubai. Some of these popular models include Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Google Pixel 2 XL, and Xiaomi Redmi 5A to name a few.

1. Never Save Passwords:

Many think it is completely fine to save passwords for their apps, accounts or anything on their device. It is not a bad decision to save passwords but there is a chance for other people to access your personal accounts when your phone is their hands. Hence, avoid saving all important passwords, especially of banking or payment apps to keep your personal information safe.


2. App Lock:

We use a number of apps on a daily basis. These apps may be related to entertainment, banking, or anything that holds your personal details. It is vital to lock such apps in order to hide your private information from others. Locking apps also secure your data, especially if your phone is lost or stolen. Another thing to note is, avoid a pin or pattern when locking the apps as these can be easily traced.


3. Prefer Android Built-In Security:

The Android-based phones are available at a different smartphone price in Dubai UAE. These come with built-in security features like screen lock and encryption. Enabling these features will help boost the system’s security. Screen locks come in different forms like a pin, face unlock, pattern and password. You can choose any of these types, but just make sure that the lock passwords, pin or patterns are not easy for others to guess.


4. Secure Network:

Securing the network is as important as protecting your device. Usually, we try using public Wi-Fi for performing our tasks. Unless and until important, it is better not to connect to public WiFi as these come with a high risk of exposing your private information. However, safeguarding your information is possible by encrypting them using certain applications.


5. Multiple User Accounts:

Many times, we require sharing our devices with others. In such cases, create multiple accounts as this helps protect your privacy. This way, you can allow others to access only some specific aspects that you are fine sharing with. In order to create different user accounts, go to “Settings”, select “Users” and then “Add User.”


6. Data Backup:

Always ensure that you backup all the data on your phone so that you can retrieve all your details when your device is hacked or stolen. There are many ways to backup the important data like on your desktop, to a CD, or to the Cloud.


7. Track Data:

As all the smartphones come with GPS option, you can enable it on your device so that it can be tracked when it is stolen or lost. There are a number of apps available on Android store that helps to locate the lost device.


8. App Permissions:

When installing an app from the Google Play store, it asks for permission for certain things. Generally, we don’t properly look at what is being asked but continue to the next step. But it is vital to go through the permissions so that, it gives us an idea of what the app actually does. This way, you can also avoid giving access to apps for something that is irrelevant. Hence, make sure to read the permissions as not every app on the Google store is secure.


Irrespective of Android phones price in UAE, almost every device based on this platform needs to be secured by following certain tips and tricks. Apart from the security aspects, there are also many other functions that an Android device is capable of doing. To find out these, have a look at the 8 secret functions of Android smartphones ,10 best Anti virus softwares for windows 1010 best android cleaner apps of 2018 and 10 best wifi hacking apps 2018.

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