TicWatch Pro Review: specifications, price and features

November 19, 2018

The newly introduced TicWatch Pro in Dubai is grabbing a lot of attention and appreciation against the other smartwatches of recent times, and what is making this smartwatch unusual, the answer lies in this detailed TicWatch Pro review. Whereas, the introduction to the TicWatch Pro company is also important which will make a better understanding of this amazing product. TicWatch Pro in UAE is released by Mobvoi, it is an AI company that developed Chinese voice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical search technology. The core team members of the Mobvoi include ex-Googlers, AI experts, former Nokia employees, engineers and researchers from top universities already making up the mind that this brand has the potential to give tough time to its rivals.

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TicWatch ProDesign and Display:

As already we have witnessed that how advanced the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro team is which ensures that its design would be that modern as well. This is the first expensive product by the Mobvoi but still, the TicWatch Pro price in Dubai is reasonable with the comparison to the other smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm. This TicWatch Pro review is not only focused on the TicWatch Pro specs but the design and display evaluation is as important than the rest of the things. So eventually it has more premium, high-end design than previous predecessors, additionally IP68 waterproof, but not recommended for the pool whereas, a leather and silicone mixed up utilitarian strap enhance the attractiveness of the design.

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TicWatch Pro

Afterward here comes the innovative part the TicWatch Pro price in UAE is so reasonable against the dual screen technology it offers, the merged functionality of dual screen comprises of OLED and LCD. Instead of separate faces, there will be only one display screen of distinguishing properties at a time but both are arranged in a layered form. These layering of dual screen ultimately results into the longer battery life about a month because the normal OLED display is bright and impactful with a good resolution subsequently LCD display uses the low power.

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TicWatch Pro


Interestingly, there is a lot of talk about the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro price in Dubai as it seems like such a premium device with the exceptional features, but what we have learned that the TicWatch Pro price in UAE is very much affordable. Eventually, this is turning it up into a much worthy device by offering the high-end features at a moderate price. This TicWatch Pro review next jump is into the TicWatch Pro specs so let’s start analyzing what inside the device. It features the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset which is supported by the 512MB of RAM and uttermost storage of 4GB enough for the music and apps but unfortunately there is no LTE connection on the watch however, we hope it may be on the new version very soon.

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TicWatch Pro

Moreover, it functions with Mobvoi and Wear OS apps so you will have to download both on your phone certainly it is compatible with the both iPhone and Android devices as well. Other than that this smartwatch is not built specifically for fitness, conversely it has supported features infusion like GPS and a heart rate tracker for outdoor activities which is quite sufficient enough.  The two different modes “Smart Mode” and “Essential Mode”  screen features deliver the battery life accordingly up to 2 to 30 days.

TicWatch Pro

TicWatch Pro Price in UAE:

The TicWatch Pro in Dubai is already released and available, whereas in the US and Australia it can be directly ordered through the Mobvoi website. The TicWatch price in Dubai would be around 950 AED or 250 USD.

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TicWatch Pro

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