The Android vs iOS Showdown

September 29, 2016

It’s the age old question, and the battle continues. It’s the Android vs iOS showdown. Witness the action as the two renowned softwares battle it out, for the grand title of The Best Operating Software.

Who will emerge victorious? Read on, Awokians.





Apple Inc.


Easy to use, and customizable.

Limited customizability.


Software updates are limited for Android devices. Unless you own a Nexus phone, updates will cease a few years down the line.

Updates are available for almost all iOS devices, even if it’s 2 to 3 years old.


Android is incorporated in most phone and tablet brands, like HTC, Samsung, Nexus, Kindle Fire, Sony, Motorola, and so on.

iOS is only incorporated in Apple products, like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV.


Have to open the app to respond to notifications. However, you can also prioritize them, and clear the list with a single swipe.

Respond to notifications without opening the app. You can even launch the Torch and Calculator without unlocking your phone.


Quite susceptible to malware. But by installing the right apps, you can keep your device safe.

Lesser malware problems in iOS devices.

Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA)

Google Now is relatively new in comparison to Siri. It is more personalized in terms of customizing apps, and weeding information from the internet, all based upon your daily smartphone tasks.

Siri has a more fun personality, and understands your queries better. Also, unlike Google Now, it doesn’t send your data to the developer. So personalization will be limited.


When installing apps on an Android device, usually it requires access to your personal data, for the purpose of customization. Its either, agree to all the conditions or no app.

Installing apps on iOS devices is much easier as it rarely requests for permission to access personal data. Even if it does, you have the choice to reject it.

Media Transfer

Easier to transfer media to PCs.

Media can only be transferred via a desktop app.

Fingerprint Scanner

Very few Android devices sport a Finger Print Scanner. They mostly have Smart Lock Tools, or Face Recognition, which isn’t a 100% secure.

Most Apple devices sport a Finger Print Scanner or, as Apple calls it, ‘Touch ID’, making them more secure.


With the numerous Android Devices available in the market, finding one with a terrific camera is inevitable. And there are many of the sort out there.

Apple recently discovered the importance of incorporating a good camera, with their latest devices sporting remarkable ones. Plus, no shutter sound.


Both Android, and iOS devices display the time. However, some Android devices like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola, have sensors, and smart covers that display the time whenever it senses movement.

Both iOS, and Android devices display the time, on the screen.

Charging Cable

If ever you’ve forgotten to carry your charging cable when out, then fret not. Chances are there will be at least 3 others around you who have the same cable, as almost all Android phones have a similar charger.

iOS devices have a unique port, and the chances of finding someone with the same charging cable is only possible if they too own an Apple device.


With the wide range of Android devices available in the market, you’re bound to find one that fits within your budget.

iOS devices are slightly on the pricier side, as it offers an exclusive experience.

So, who will it be? Android or iOS? Who deserves the title, in your eyes?

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