How To Take A Screenshot On a Mac – 3 Different Ways to Print screen

October 24, 2018

Wondering of how to take a screenshot on a Mac? Worry not! The lack of print screen button the Mac keyboard will not restrict you in taking a screenshot. There exist several keyboard combinations that let to print screen mac. Pressing together different keystrokes allows capturing an image on the Mac screen. Capturing a part of your screen or the entire screen becomes quite essential either to share your details on Google maps, or send it to the tech agent to support the issue you are facing on your device. There also exists some built-in shortcuts to take a PNG image of the desktop. To capture the entire display, press shift + command +3. And to capture selected region, press shift + command + 4 simultaneously. Here, we will go through different alternative methods to understand how to screenshot on Mac with an ease. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Print Screen Mac Using Touch Bar

If your MacBook Pro is featuring a touch bar then it can be used to print screen Mac. The touch bar lets to pick either a selected portion or entire screen or even a particular window. Press command, shift and 4 simultaneously. You can also take a screenshot of the touch bar display using Shift + Command + 6. Or just click on the screenshot icon beside the volume button to take a print screen on Mac.

how to take a screenshot on a mac

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Method 2: Print Screen Mac Using Grab

While the built-in screenshot shortcuts in the Mac PC or laptop can take almost any screenshot, the only thing that is missing is timed screenshots as well as screenshots using a cursor. Here comes the need of a Grab app that extends the functionality of a screenshot to a certain extent. Here is how to screenshot on Mac using Grab:

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Step 1: From the applications/utilities menu, try to open the Grab app.

Step 2: It doesn’t feature a separate UI, instead it offers a menu bar.

Step 3: Click on capture and here you get to choose from the options depending on the type of capture you are looking for. The unique feature in Grab is a Timed screen which allows taking a screenshot after a certain amount of time. Click on “Start timer” to begin a countdown.

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how to take a screenshot on a mac

Step 4: Once the screenshot appears on the new window, you need to save it in your desired location.

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Method 3: Print Screen Mac Using Preview

Another default tool that can open almost everything on your Mac and at the same time allows to capture screenshots is Preview. With this app, the user can open photos, PDF files and more. They can even edit images just by clicking on Toolbox icon. Here we will get to know of how to screenshot on Mac using preview.

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how to take a screenshot on a mac

Step 1: Open Preview app and click on File-→Take screenshot.

Step 2: Here select from different options such as “From Window”, “From Selection” and “From Entire Screen”. Selecting entire screen will let to activate the timed screen capture for all the attached displays.

Step 3: Finally! Edit screenshot as you desire and save it.

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