5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android in 2018

November 5, 2018

Nowadays, smartphones are nearly capable of doing anything. Especially the versatility of the Android platform allows users to access any sort of application. If you are a sports person, then you might have invested some amount in getting the speedometer that displays speed of a person or vehicle. This is quite useful for runners, speed enthusiasts, and cyclists who would like to keep track of the progress. As with the technological advancement, Android phones now act as a speedometer to display the speed and without investing anything, you can start using this technology. We got some of the best speedometer apps for Android that make use of the GPS system and high-speed data connection to determine speed. Here, we will discuss 5 best Android speedometer apps available on the Google Play store. Download it now to measure the speed of an object or a person.

DigiHUD Speedometer

The speedometer app that tops our list is DigiHUD speedometer. With millions of users downloading the app from the Google play store, you can be sure that the Android speedometer app works effectively. Regardless of the activity, you are involved in such as walking, cycling or running, the digital screen is used to display current speed, direction and total distance covered. Also, record the distance for a maximum of 3 different trips. For better viewing while on a drive, ensure to turn the display into HUD mirror mode. The pro version offers advanced features and is needful for those who require more.

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Ulysse Speedometer

One of the top-rated speedometer app available on the play store is Ulysse Speedometer. The polished interface ensures the user to have a clutter-free experience. Since the app is updated regularly, users get to find the changes they need from the Android speedometer app. Massive feature list will never let you down in any area. Though it is available for free to download, you need to face ads while working on the application. To get an ad-free experience, upgrade to the paid version. However, you will not get any additional features with this paid app. So, it is advisable to stick on to free version for your smartphone.

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GPS Speedometer and Odometer

The app that is designed especially for the vehicles such as cars and bikes is GPS speedometer and Odometer app. However, it even works perfectly for individual runs. It is a basic app to download and as per the developer, the application makes use of a compass to detect the direction and speed in which you are moving. Interestingly, it shows effective results even in offline mode. So, you can use this application even in the location where there is no internet connectivity.

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Speedometer GPS

Irrespective of the mode of travel, get to know about the details of speed using the best speedometer app, Speedometer GPS. It can monitor the speed while walking, riding, cycling, while on the bus, train or in an airplane. It supports all kind of speed formats to measure the speed. Track the speeds in mph, km/h, and Knots.  Also, know about the acceleration and break time along with the current, maximum and average speed. Though it does not feature a polished look as other speedometer apps, but the ability to shift from standard speedometer and Odometer makes it versatile.

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SpeedView Speedometer

Known for its highest accuracy while displaying speed, SpeedView is another must-have speedometer app for Android. It holds similar features as Ulysse app which means that it has the same compass module and the direction in which the user is traveling. Another interesting aspect is it warns the user if they cross the maximum set speed limit. Also, export the recorded tracks into a file and save them to MicroSD card if necessary. It further supports background mode and is considered to be the powerful speedometer app to download.

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