Social Media Habits of Men and Women

August 10, 2016

Before marketing your wares online, it is first crucial to have a thorough understanding of your market, and the mindset of your target consumers. Everyone’s different. Dislikes, habits, preferences, all vary depending upon each individual. But on a general note, let’s focus on the two most dissimilar groups- Men and Women… And their varied Social Media habits.


There are more women on social media than men.

Men use social media mainly for business, and romantically socializing. And women use it for entertainment, and to connect and stay in touch with people.

In terms of interaction with brands, more men prefer scanning Coupon, and QR codes. Whereas women are more open to interacting with brands via social media.

Men use social media to garner information on people and brands, for personal gain.

Women tend to impart details of their personal lives on social media more than men do, as they’re more vocal and open to sharing.

Men turn to social media a lot for research purposes to attain contacts.

Women like to know more about the latest deals and promotions offered by brands through their social media pages.

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When in need, more women have the tendency to look up How-To information than men. They also usually tend to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have more women users than men. Whereas, Reddit, YouTube, Linkedin, and Google +, have more male users than female ones.

More men prefer watching videos on YouTube than women.

Women post more on a daily basis on Facebook than their male counterparts. They also have more friends, and browse through more photos and videos, in comparison to them.

Women play more games on Facebook.

Social media platforms are visited via mobiles, mostly by women than men.

Online ads have a different impact on both Men and Women, depending upon the theme. Men like Action, Humor, Cars, Sports, Aspirational themes. Whereas Women prefer Humor, Sentimental, Family Oriented, Pets, Aspirational, Entertainment, Kids, and Real-Life Situational themes.

With this list, you can have a better impact on your audience, by targeting the right consumers through the right platform, with suitable content. It’s bound to work in your favor, and create wonders for your business.

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