Six Android Features That Are Not On The iPhone, Even After Upgrading To iOS 12

June 20, 2018

Right now in the mobile industry, it’s not just a battle going on between different phone companies but also between the platforms they are running on devices. Both Android and iOS are unique and come with many standout aspects. In some of the iPhones, there is a possibility to run certain Android apps. Now that the latest Apple iOS 12 version is available, there are a few Android applications that cannot be still run on the iPhones. Let us find out what those features are in the following.

Android Features Missing On Apple iPhones:

1. Multiple Users & Guest Access:

With Android phones running on the Lollipop or the newer OS versions, it is possible to sign in the device, check the apps, and other details without disturbing the primary account. Besides, the Guest Mode can also be used in case the user wants to maintain privacy of all the details. So the plus point with Android phones is any number of individuals can use the device without disturbing the owner’s stuff. But there is no such option with Apple iPhones as they are designed to be single-user devices.


2. USB Access & Real File System:

If an Android device is connected to a computer, users get direct access to all the files saved in that device. But if an iOS device is plugged into a computer, users can gain access only to the camera folder. This is applicable even to the file managers present on the device. Normally, iOS platform based devices only display recent files and don’t provide the true file system. But if a file manager is present on an Android device, it allows the users to navigate all the content besides allowing to cut, move, copy and delete them.


3. Home Screen Customization:

One of the best Android features not on iPhone is the home screen customization option. With iOS devices, it is possible to move the icons and put them into folders. But on Android, apart from grouping the icons into folders, it is also possible to redesign the home screen by adding widgets. Besides, there are also many third-party launchers available in the Play Store that further allow customizing the home screen in the desired manner. Using these launchers, users can actually change the size of icons, grid the size, and do much more stuff. In short, the options are endless with Android devices.


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4. Default App Choices:

If a new browser is downloaded on Android devices, a user can set it as default. Not just browser, but even the home screen, keyboard, messaging app and other features can be set as default as per the user’s choice. When it comes to iOS, there is no option available for users to set any browser, keyboard or any other aspect as default.


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5. Always-On Display For Instant Viewing Of Info:

Another Android feature missing in iPhone is to be able to view the phone and check for information like date, time or any other notification without even touching it. This is one of the latest features offered in devices based on the Android platform. Some popular smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 XL are offered with always-on displays that provide a quick view of the details. Besides, these devices also allow users to turn it off, customize it or disable it automatically at a specific time. On the other hand, iOS-based devices have the rise-to-wake feature that turns on the display only when the phone is picked up.


6. Multi-Window Support:

There is an option of running two apps side-by-side on the screen in devices that run on Android Nougat and the above versions. This feature turns out quite useful in certain situations, particularly when you require doing multi-tasking. This specific feature is offered even in iOS but only on the iPad. It is a plus that this feature is available on the bigger iPad screen, but having this feature on smartphones make much more sense as maximum people use phones over tablets.


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