How to Send Large Files Over Email

November 15, 2018

Worried about getting the error as “The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit”? Well! You need not to worry about finding this error message again. We are all aware of the fact that emails don’t allow to send large files. Most of the email servers will not accept email attachment size of over 10MB in size. The technological advancement gave out a solution to every problem. Either it is a recorded video of bigger size or any sort of big documents, there are plenty of different ways that let to send big files as an email attachment without any trouble. Let us learn some methods of how to send large files by email?

Dropbox for Gmail

When it comes to the point of file sharing, Dropbox is quite an essential tool that lets to share massive files with an ease. It can be either a folder of numerous photos, movies or any file it allows to send large files. All you have to do is to get the Google Chrome extension of Dropbox and login to Google account. Just beside the send button in compose email window, you will find an icon of Dropbox. Load the files, click on that icon, and select the required files to send. Click on insert and then the link of the file will be directly shared with your recipient.

send large files

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Compress and Share

While there exist several third-party tools that let to share large files over Gmail. The direct method to send large files online is through compression. Through this method, you are still sending the same file, but in a different format that makes the file size small enough to set the email attachment limit. Normally, people prefer to use ZIP file format to compress and share files. The recipient on the other end will extract the original file without loss of quality.

send large files

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Another nifty tool that allows sending large files over Gmail is DropSend. It works similar to the Firefox send in transferring files of big size. The free version of this tool limits the file size and number of time that you can use it in a month. However, upon registration with the tool and successful verification of email account, you can continue using the tool to send big files. Moreover, it is not required to copy and paste the link separately, DropSend does this task on your behalf.

send large files

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Google Drive

Though you can send up to the 25MB size of a file as an attachment, what if the file size is larger? How to send large files in such instance? Gmail provided an elegant alternative to share larger files- Google Drive. Just place the files in Google Drive and share the link with the recipient. While composing an email, you have the option to attach the files from Google Drive. Instead of directly attaching the file to an email, it links the file in Drive. Before sending, ensure to adjust required share settings who can access the file.

send large files

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