Why To Send Encrypted Emails And How To Do It?

February 25, 2019

Send Encrypted Emails: In these recent days, security is a major concern for many. Despite the user is given with the options of complicated passwords, antivirus software, and other security software, there are still many methods for the hackers or intruders to steal your data. Of all the possible modes of communication, email is the fastest method to send out data.

Though email service providers offer many security measures, still hackers take out different measures to hack data present in the mail. Due to which, it is good to encrypt the email so as to make it secure. Now, before getting into the concept of how to encrypt an email, let us first understand the necessity to encrypt an email before sending.

Why Encrypt An Email?

Email is the modern form of communication that is often used in business, organizations and even for personal communication. However, the fact is, email is quite insecure and can be easily be read as done in case of the postcard. So, it is always better to protect emails with encryption software or programs that ensure confidentiality.

Encrypting email keeps the dedicated hackers away from interception or reading personal information during your communication. It is not always good to get the confidential information of the company leaked out. It could definitely add in considerable disadvantage to the organization. Sending Send Encrypted Emails is the topmost level privacy which helps to send email without someone know it or away from stealing your privacy.

This could lead to a loss in income, fines, or reputation. So, it is advised to invest some time in encrypting the important mail that you send. Since email passes through multiple servers before reaching the destination, there is a high chance for the intruder to get into and read the mail thus making it unprotected while traveling. It is important to sign or encrypt the messages you send, so as to protect sensitive data.

Send Encrypted Emails

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How to Send Encrypted Emails?

So now you want to start encrypting email? Well! Let’s start with the Google used email platform. Of course! Being the tech giant Google offers its users with the encrypted email functionality that does not use the standard email protocols in order to send a message. All the confidential messages are hosted using Google servers. Below are simple steps to activate the confidential mode in Gmail account:

Step 1: Login to the Gmail account.

Step 2: Click on the compose button and type in the message.

Step 3: Now, click on confidential button available in the bottom end of the email screen.

Step 4: Clicking on it will give you a message and asks whether when you want the email to expire. Select the appropriate option and click on save.

Send Encrypted Emails

Step 5: Now, Gmail will mark your email with a security badge.

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Apart from this, Google inbuilt feature, there exist several other alternatives that let to send encrypted email with ease. For instance, ProtonMail is one of the well-known platforms that make use of the encryption algorithms AES, RSA, and OpenPGP along with the cryptographic libraries in order to protect the communication.

Send Encrypted Emails

There is another popular web service called Sendinc that can simply encrypt the communication without the need for any installation. Whenever we are sending an encrypted message, the receiver can only open the contents of email using a password that is shared. According to our opinion, email encryption is something that should be readily available when necessary.

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