Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018

December 18, 2018

The year 2018 is about to end and so we have witnessed numerous events, festivals and things which are being on top of the curiosity with respect to that the internet and Google have given us the opportunity to search the desired event, personality or anything.  UAE is the country where there is huge diversification and multicultural people exist obviously we do feel the impact of that in the searches by the residents of UAE  in 2018, however, there can’t be any denial as the official data is being released by the Google itself. Undoubtedly there are a few things which be interesting to know the UAE residents trends of searches. Let’s have a quick review of most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018 and who has been popular among UAE residents in 2018.

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Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018

We know that the Google search engine is being used for all the queries and all the answers, even if a student, professional or someone random Google is up there to bring solutions in life. With the major multiculturalism, UAE has become the hub of the mix-living. There are events, famous personalities, sports, Hollywood and Bollywood.  On 12-December 2018, Google finally released the anticipated list of the “Year in Search,” worldwide it tells the most searched for and trending searches of the year to feed the internet’s curiosity of the people in UAE. The top ten reflects the concerns, hopes, and aspirations of the people who use the search engine and it can even point to the future.

Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018


On top of the list, the sports remained the most searched topic among the UAE residents 2018. The two of the most searched events were Football World Cup in Russia 2018 and the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018. The World cup remained on top as the Saudi Arabia for the first time qualified into the tournament however France won over Croatia in a nail-biting football match in the finals. Secondly, we know about the IPL interest as the majority of the UAE expatriates are from India and they do prefer to watch their famous Cricket sports event which is the highlight because of the merger of national and international players.

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Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018

Bollywood Actresses:

Next, in the top 10 topics search, there are two famous Bollywood actresses, Sridevi, and Priyanka Chopra.  The untimely death of Sridevi who is one of the popular Indian actresses shocked Indians all over the world, with many UAE residents googling in efforts to find answers about her life and her mysterious death. Another notable search of Priyanka Chopra is at fourth place on the list. Her name most likely saw spikes in searches due to the actress’s highly-publicized engagement and wedding to Nick Jonas who is a well-known English singer.

Most Searched Topics

1) World Cup

2) IPL 2018

3) Sridevi

4) Priyanka Chopra

5) Passport Index

6) Fortnite

7) Bitcoin

8) Federal Tax Authority

9) Indian Currency Rate

10) Chinese New Year

Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018


In the list of most searched movies of 2018 by UAE residents the top of the list is Black Panther which has done the record-breaking business worldwide, moreover the next in the list is Avengers Infinity War of Hollywood. The third spot is captured by the Bollywood Race 3 and the last two in the top five movies in the horror flicks including Venom and The Nun.

Top Searched Movies

1) Black Panther

2) Avengers Infinity War

3) Race 3

4) Venom

5) The Nun

6) The Meg

7) Jurassic World

8) Incredibles

9) Creed 2

10) A Quiet Place

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Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018

Public Figures:

The UAE public was intrigued to know about the bride of Prince Harry as Meghan Markle was the most-searched-for public figure of the year. Meghan Markle is the American actress who is married to the British Prince Harry in May this year in a sumptuous and opulent ceremony at Windsor Castle. More the most intriguing part was her appearance at the top of Google’s public figure charts shows the enduring but enigmatic interest of UAE public in the British royal family. On second in the top public figure list is Nick Jonas captured the spot because of his marriage with the Priyanka Chopra following the list while in third place was Logan Paul, he is an internet celebrity but became enmeshed in an unseemly controversy as YouTube cut business ties with Paul after he posted a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan.

Top Searched Public Figures 

1) Meghan Markle

2) Nick Jonas

3) Logan Paul

4) Sylvester Stallone

5) Freddie Mercury

6) Sonam Kapoor

7) Mohamed Salah

8) Sonali Bendre

9) Hailey Baldwin

10) Khloe Kardashian.

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Most searches on Google by UAE residents in 2018

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